Now hold on to your hats. . . This is going pretty well.

I just made my very first online money. $.25 from squidoo!

What is Squidoo?

Sometime back, i heard about squidoo lenses and i was curious enough to make my own lens (a page that is referred as "lens" on squiodoo). The site is more like myspace, friendster combined with blogger or wordpress as i would describe it.

What sets squidoo different from others?

The site is user-friendly and easy to use. Everything is within a particular arrangement, so you dont have to do much of tweaking and designing (which is perfect for novice blogger like me). It all boils down to the content of your lens.

How do i earn with squidoo?

Earning is made by advertising fees that squidoo applies to each of your lens. If someone clicks on those ads, youll get a cut from them. ( great huh?!) This is I think how i got my $.25 And that's not it. For even bigger chances of earning, squidoo is affiliated with e-bay, amazon, cafepress and hundreds of sellers that you could add in your lens. You just have to pick which products you want to add in your lenses. And if someone makes a purchase through your lens, you'll get a bigger cut!

Furthermore, squidoo is a charity-oriented site. You can either choose to give your earnings to your charity of choice, (which leisure lens-makers do) or take it into percentages. 60-40 or 50-50. . . your choice. I made my lens 60-40. 60 for me.hehe

What kirby thinks about Squidoo.

I think squidoo is an opportunity to increase traffic to your blog. It serves as an outlet of your blog since you can link your blog from the lenses you make. Promote your lenses, and not only will you earn from the lenses but in the process, increasing traffic to your blog which would mean even more monetary earnings.

And if youre really serious about making money from squidoo, you may want to make alot of lenses. And im talking about 20 or mmore lenses. I even know somoeone who makes $3 per lens a month and he has 18 lenses. Imagine this working for you. What makes it special is that, lenses are almost "maintenance free". As long as you got traffic, you dont have to more about alot of things.

For more info in increading traffic to your blog. See my first move to increase traffic.

Create your squidoo lens now! Click here.

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