Yes, google pays teenagers!

How can I be sure? Well, I got paid myself. I guess that alone is enough to ease your doubt. If youre still not convinced, why dont you subscribe to my blog so youll get your proof every single day? *wink*

Anyways, I wrote about my eagerness to claim my google money (check it here) and yesterday, I finally had the chance to receive this payment and boy, I have a story to tell you guys. I was on a western union outlet to claim my payment and at first, everybody was very casual. There were quite a number of people there, majority were of course filipinos and there were two american males with their wives. So, I went to the teller (she was around 45, lonely and from the looks of it, she never had a BF since birth. haha!) and told her I wanted to receive my money and she told me in a very strict and somewhat angry tone to get a yellow form and fill it up completely and so I patiently obeyed. After completing the form, I handed it to her and the moment she saw the sender, she said "Uy, Google!" (Hey, its from google!). This was the moment that I started smiling.

She asked me lengthy questions on how, when, where I got the money and I told her im a blogger and that among others, we earn from google. She enthusiastically told me she was interested to blog and at this point, I was thinking about her possible niche and one idea struck me; Grave Digging! hahaha! Yes, she looked like that. You get me, im sure!

Among her numerous comments, she told me "uy, ilang million ka nag search sa google para mabayaran?" (How many million times did you use the search box of google to get paid?) and at this point in time, friends, I wanted to burst into laughter.

And so, to make the story short, she wanted to blog but she just couldnt. This experience really proved to me that blogging is not for everyone (and for every age for this matter).

How did google change your life today?

Hate online bingo spams? Me too! And im here to sympathize with you on this one.

Do you still remember the old internet explorer days and just when you were in your chair feeling relaxed and enjoying whatever youre doing and suddenly this blinky, glittery and awful online bingo pop-up comes? God, I remember shutting down the computer after it crashed because of these horrible stuff. (I was on dial-up connection back then)

What is bingo anyways? Well, if you ask me, i think its a great game offline especially if youre with friends or cousins, this would definitely liven the gathering but online? Its vicious! I got fooled once when a site offered me to play the best online bingo games in one of the online bingo rooms. It was alright when I was still playing with it but I found out a week or so after that my PC is full of malicious adwares. Hows that for a bingo cheap thrill?

Whats your bingo experience?

Almost three months ago, I wrote a post about finally switching to adsense and foregoing bidvertiser for alot of reasons. You can check out my post why I trashed bidvertiser away and right now, I think I made one of the best decisions in my whole blogging career. Of course you remember my post about a filipino earning $19,000 a month on adsense alone. Right? Well, im not on that lever just yet. *wink*

I got paid by google adsense!

Yes, thats right lads! I just found out last night that my payment was ready even before christmas day (it was ready for pickup on the 24th). I opted to receive my payment through western union since Its alot faster than checks which would take around 4 weeks and alot simpler than paypal since no bank transactions are needed.

Ive heard alot of amusing stories from other bloggers when they withdraw their money from outlets. Ive heard one sales lady asked a blogger upon payment, "are you working in google sir?" and the blogger said "yes, and we are many". Im hoping to use the same line if ever the sales person asks me today and ill let you know when I come back.

A special shoutout to Dark Knight of blue mumble and Kuya J of PMT for the info about the withdrawal.

YugaTech, The Pinoy Santa Blogger

This is my impression after reading the New Year Giveaway post of his.

Although he is pretty much pinoy-looking, I cant help but imagine him on red suit with sack full of goodies from Auction.Ph and PlogHost. Let me just stress out that these are not your ordinary goodies. Up for grabs are : Subwoofer system (for my room), Php 2,000 GC from Nokia, Ferrari model cars and a USB among other minor prizes from the sponsors like the shirt. I left a comment on his blog to get a chance to win a shirt. *fingers crossed*

Happy New Year!

Blogging Bought Me A PSP!

God, you dont know how much I itched to write this post. I know you've probably been reading some of the blogger's christmas experiences and escapades like John Chow or Shoe Money. Well, on this blog, its not that many but its MUCH.

Blogging Bought Me A PSP! Yahoooo!

The moment I was at the mall trying to find the best deal, this title was already on my mind and i just couldn't wait to get home and make a post about it.

There she is. Isnt she gorgeous?

In addition to the PSP, i also bought accessories for it including the pc-psp usb connector, a protectant (or whatever it is called) and a 1GB memory stick for it to hold mp3s and videos. I havent tried connecting to the internet using it but I will soon and maybe post something on here.

I posted about how I wanted to blog to gain financial independence from my parents and though it has not been fully realized yet, this PSP symbolizes my determination to reach that goal just by blogging.

So, you still doubting if blogging really can make money?!? Think again.

Ok, I wrote about my successful withdrawal from paypal and im still contemplating whether to buy a domain and start another blog or to venture into a small business. Meanwhile, I guess it would be very helpful to alot of people especially filipinos if im going to post about the step by step process. Here's how :

  1. Sign up for a paypal account. - Make sure you choose the "basic" account and also input all the necessary data truthfully. Dont worry, its paypal nothing goes wrong with it.
  2. Apply for an EON cyber account - That may sound too futuristic or maybe a bit intimidating but just go ahead and apply. You can apply for a card online, choose which branch nationwide you want to get your card and just wait for sometime until the card is ready for pick-up. You also have to pay Php350 for the membership and card to unionbank upon picking up the card.
  3. Verify your Paypal using the EON card - Usually, you have to wait for 2 weeks maximum for your EON to be activated. I think every credit or debit card needs that time to get activated but nonetheless, it only takes about 9 to 12 days. After the card has been activated, verify your account using your card (your paypal needs to be verified for you to be able to withdraw anything). This process will take $1.95 from your eon account or equivalent to around Php84. Dont worry, paypal will give it back as soon as you start with your first transaction. After this verification, you have to wait for a 4-digit number paypal reflects to your EON transactions. You can do so by either of this two processes : One, you can wait for your monthly transactions (the one on envelopes) and Two, you can call the toll-free number at the back of your EON card and an operator gives you the 4 digit numbers after you give them necessary infos. I prefer the latter since its way faster and easier. After this one, complete the verification process by entering the 4-digit number you got into your paypal account and that's it, your paypal is now verified!
  4. Click "withdraw" on your paypal account - Yes, this is the final phase. You can withdraw a maximum of $495 dollars since they charge $6 for the transfer. They said you have to wait for 5-7 days for the transfer to arrive but i received mine after only 3 days.
  5. Enjoy your blogging money! - Yes, this is part of the tutorial.hehe I have to tell you, the feeling of finding out you got money from blogging is the same as having the girl your courting to say "yes".

That's it guys! I hope this post clear things up. If something comes up and you need some help, im here to help you out. Just contact me or comment below. Dont forget to subscribe to get updates!

Merry Christmas!

Yes lads! I am very happy to inform you that I have been able to successfully withdraw my money from paypal. I have been waiting for this moment since the first day that I started blogging way back in July.

In the course of my blogging, I have encountered alot of obstacles, problems and numerous dilemmas about this issue and after it all, I now have my money! You cant imagine how happy I was when I first found out about the transfer.

I withdrawn only $495 which translates to Php 20,100 (see my attached pic from unionbak) of my money since its the maximum amount that paypal allows for international transfers and I still have to withdraw the remaining amount maybe next year coz im still waiting for dollar to rise again.

Well, well, well. . . I told you guys I wanted to be financially dependent from my parents through blogging right?! Hey, im going there! And about the question if a teenager can make a million pesos out of cost-free blogging, well, i still have Php 9,980,700 more to go!

Trully, this is a VERY VERY VERY Merry Christmas!

Its almost christmas eve and I havent yet to have my Christmas shopping yet. School has been really harsh this week and I can barely keep up with the killer deadlines, more daunting tasks and even murderous clinical instructors. Anyways, heres the issue that we have to tackle for the today,

can you really have free christmas presents from this free samples?

Im really sure that if you are surfing the internet on a regular basis, you have been in one way or another, encountered coupon codes or grocery coupons. These are offers that seem to come out of nowhere and really bug anyone who comes across them. I have been searching the web to find out their authenticity and I found out that around ninety eight percent of these offers are nothing more than paid pop-up ads and some even contains adwares or even trojans! Yes, I have read some forums where alot of people are complaining about this one. I for one is an active hater of pop-ups and thats why I always refresh internet temporary files and changed my browser to mozilla. On the other side of the coin, there are, however people that really benefited alot from these free offers. Maybe its because they are the legit ones.

You might have noticed some of the bloggers who used to host their blogs for free are slowly transforming their blog to paid domains and join the dot com club. This brings me to a question though, Im almost on my sixth month blogging, do you think I should buy a domain and host this blog in wordpress?

This is actually not the first time im thinking about this one and as a matter of fact, I have been discussing this with my friend jay who I enticed to blog and now, hes earning more money than his older sisters. Anyways, I cam across and I think they offer the best guide to hosting.

What do think, Should I? Or should I not?

This post was brought to you by our friends over at

Im A Contest Winner!

Just a few days ago, I was in constant correspondence with a teen money making blogger named fabien of Small Fish Big Money. We discussed alot of things about blogging, how teens should start earning from blogging and that we should help each other make money. Surely, I didnt expect this help to come too soon.

Recently, he launched a contest on his blog and whoever gets to answer first, gets a 125x125 ad spot on his blog. Well, this wasnt really hard for me coz we got to know each other prior to this one so needless to say, I won! Thanks fabz!

The contest is still up for grabs and he is giving away a free review of your blog if you enter his contest. It sure does benefit any blog if you get an exposure like this one. What are you waiting for? Go ahead! Visit his contest here.

When it comes to making money, many of us have probably tried all of the traditional ways with varying results but we do not tend to explore the less obvious options that are not really publicised. One idea of making money that falls into this category and is not really exploited is the high interest saving account. Yes, you can actually make money off the bank via a saving account and About Your Money can show you how!

Too many people are content to have their life savings in a low interest saving account because it offers easy access, and then they get stuck in a rut. Moving your money to high interest savings accounts can really boost your income and help you to double your money over the years!

About Your Money actually has a fantastic savings accounts section. There is a guide to savings accounts to give you a little information about choosing the right one for you and a comparison table that shows you the highest interest savings accounts without you have to click anywhere else! If you want maximum money for minimum effort then this is for you. No other website that I have come across offers such a great range of savings accounts as well as a guide so it is well worth a look!

How Much Am I Making?

I have been receiving emails lately inquiring about how much money I am making and i thought what if im going to disclose my earnings to my readers, would it help my blog in general? Well, finally, you can see how much I have been making from blogging since day 1. You can refer to my right sidebar. ;)

In connection to this post, some bloggers were asking, whats my tip for starting bloggers who want to make money online and i should say that blogging is not an overnight endeavor. You have to put your personality when youre writing and in the process youre making your blog unique from millions of others. Statistics show that 98% of bloggers fail to make money online, I say you can very well make it to the top 2%. I guarantee you that! ;)

Yes lads! Thats right! I finally received my adsense pin. I thought its not going to arrive since it has already been like 3 to 4 weeks ago since I broke the $50 mark on my google adsense and this is actually my very first time to be paid by google.

I asked my friend, lady (she doesnt want to disclose her real name to me. Convince her please) what would happen next and she told me that its going to be just a matter of waiting until they tell you that the money is ready for pick-up at a local western union outlet. Im really looking forward to withdrawing this amount to fund my christmas expenses. This would be my first time to have a Christmas away from financial independence from my parents which is my prime purpose in blogging.

I have a close to $150 to withdraw so it would be somewhat enough to compensate but im trying to work things out my paypal so I can finally withdraw everything.

If you want to know more about google adsense, i made a post about them when i first used them. Check out my post : Make Money As A Teen with Adsense

Chatting is something that I used to do as a hobby. I was in front of my personal computer all the time and I was enjoying every second of it. The thought of meeting someone from the other side of the globe just astounded me to the point that I was in the chat lines for a couple of hours a day. Well, if i had a choice, I would've wanted to spend that time blogging.

On another point, I wrote about some phone chat a couple of posts ago and this is a follow up to that one since im really intrigued how this works. They are saying that its a free chat that allows users to leave voice messages to other members or let them talk live on phone. Im going to keep you guys updated with this one as soon as I try them out.

Tackling about a car insurance isnt really my specialty nor is it my expertise but its nice to be flexible enough and talk about different financial undertakings on this blog since I dont remain a teen forever. Who knows, I might be talking about these topics in my next blog.

Anyways, my subject of discussion for today is how to sight a very good car insurance and how to distinguish the better ones from the others. Now, there are alot of sites that offer to compare car insurance online and I am very sure you have some across one its just that you were not conscious about it or you just didnt recognize it because youre "spam senses" got the best of you. Well, this is a post to let you know of a web site that offers one of the most comprehensive car credit loans on the net today, well, this is of my opinion but yours will be so much welcome. They compare not only the prices of car insurance quotes but also the ones that really matters most on this business, the quality of these quotes.

Think of it this way, you are on the mall and you are looking for a good basketball shoes to use for the upcoming league game at the local courts and you are torn between the decision of two pairs of shoes. One, is the well established adidas or nike (im not endorsing them) and the other one is a not so well known brand with only a big thirty percent off price tag. Which one would you choose? Would yo rather go for the less established ones and compromise quality and maybe embarrassment if ever something goes wrong with the shoes?

This is the main objective of this discussion today lads, do not get fooled by the ones who's posing just the price but take into consideration what really matters most in your financial endeavor. Sure it would cost a little more but again, would you rather risk it?

This is the issue that I would like to address in today's post because there are alot of sites in the internet today that offers essay custom or custom research paper. If you were asked which is better, would you choose the one which is well written but is not yours or the one you made with your own idea but risk the chance of getting a low mark? A pretty tough decision to make right?

Its not very hard to find yourself an essay writer nowadays but it never fails to give you a satisfying feeling if you do something yourself. Think of it as courtship, how would you like to have someone court a girl for you? Its like defeating the whole purpose of it. Right?

The answer is rested upon you. ;)

This new trend of teen chat has been taken my attention in the last few days since I keep on hearing them from friends over at MSN. Do you still remember the very outdated free chat of Yahoo Messenger? And how they really suck from two years ago up until now? Im still wondering why they are still on operation until now.

Anyways, heres another alternative to look into, and its called voice chat lines. Members are 18 and above from more than 150 cities around the globe. Instead of typing, you can directly call the person you want to communicate with. How cool is that?

Another Tip For Holiday Gifts

Guys, I really believe that personalized gifts are really the best ones that can give a smile to certain someone no matter our relationship with him or her. It never fails to amaze me how my friends or even my family members would react when I give them gifts with their names on it.

I found this site that specializes on just making picture pillows. These photo blankets are very highly customizable and in fact, you can choose your own pillow design and how you are going to go about the whole thing. You can also make use of myspace or friendster for this one if you have pictures that really ring a bell in your recipient's heart. The possibilities are endless; go ahead and design your own.

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Some few weeks back, Ive read somewhere that putting asterisk in your blog title will catch the attention of your readers so I decided to use this tip and employ it on my blog title and heres what happened:

I actually saw an uphill movement from my traffic each day around 20% of my total visits. This is after around two months of employing this technique and there might well be other factors why this happend. One, more of my pages must have been indexed by google and two, this may just be coincidental. For whatever reason this might be caused, I think im sticking with it for sometime. I may not have a 100% recommendation for you guys to employ this technique but its worth a try.

If you search for "teens make money online", you will most probably see my blog on the the first page and it has an asterisk embedded. Tell me what you think about it.

W8 Confirmation Of ClickBooth

Im due for payment by clickbooth, they supply majority of the banner ads you see around here. I wrote about them months ago when i said they call you to verify your identity and ask you questions a bit (God, my nose bled so hard. lol) Check out my post here.

My limit was supposed to be just $50 but due to some circumstances like paypal issues along with tight schedules, it reached to around $170 and I now want to withdraw it to my paypal account or my visa debit card but they said the W8 form for international clients needed to be submitted to them.

This is actually the first program that let me submit such form and honestly, I find it very uncomfortable and time consuming. in spite with this being said, I submitted the form last saturday with my digital signature and im still waiting for their reply about my submission. Ill let you guys know about it when it comes.

For the mean time, why dont you check out my post on how to make money online quick? Im sure youll learn a thing or two.

What comes into your mind when you hear the word auctioning? Perhaps, the auction announcer that seem to talk like he can recite the whole content of the bible in two minutes flat, or the auctioned items that we see on TV ranging from the rarest of entities like biggest diamonds, or the most unusual of things like the one I saw where a woman is willing to cut her hair off and send it to the highest bidder. Auctioning is very interesting but hey, you can actually make money while online with auctions.

I came across a blog/site that tackles how to make easy money online with Ebay, the internet's leader in auctioning. Im not really familiar with Ebay but after going over the blog, I think im now ready to auction off a signed memorabilia of a local actress that i got during her visit to the city. Yes, thats how they offer the most comprehensive guide on how to monetize via Ebay. I am a strong advocate of making quick and fast money online but I think im going to venture on auctioning and im going to let you guys know more about it.

In connection to blogging, the site also offers advice and tips in monetizing your blog if you already have one. If not, you can check out their post about how to start your own blog and I have to say that you will find it easy to get a thing or two from them. Furthermore, the best post that I come to love about them is there post entitled blogging inspiration. If you're a money making blogger, you cannot help but sympathize with them on this one.

I would like to end this post by giving out my phrase of the day coming from the site featured.

If others can do it, so can you.

Making money online is not easy (thats a fact!), some made it, why cant you?

Just recently, I posted about my curiosity on why smorty stopped giving offers. Well, this problem is still unresolved as I have yet to confirm a definite answer for this question. But hey, lets forget about that for a while.

I Got Paid $100 By Smorty!

Yes lads! This was my previous posts for 2 weeks and i have to tell you, I have been very determined in making posts for them on my other PR4 blog. Fortunately, all my posts got approved though some had late approvals but hey, smorty pays on time and thats why I prefer to have them rather than PPP. Just to make things clear here, I am not paid to write this post.

If you are curious how to make money online as a teenager, come to familiarize yourself with the best ways on how teens make money on the internet.

This is a question that some of you might find interesting. Well, I just found the blog of the top attorneys in California that celebrities with the likes of Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan consult when they have their teenage issues to cover for. The lawyers name goes by the name of Dmitry Gorin, who works as a professor at UCLA and Pepperdine school and he frequently appears on the series Court TV. You can visit his blog here Los Angeles Criminal Defense Blog | California Criminal Attorneys Law Blog. This post was brought to you by our friends over at keglawyers.

Why I Hate BlackJack Games Online

Dont you just hate pop-ups? Well, youre not alone. If there was only an anti pop-up organization at our local city, there is no doubt in my mind, im going to be the president of that organization. I would be the first one to convict free online blackjack that sprout over the internet like wild mushrooms.

Let me tell you about my personal experience with this play blackjack on line offers. I was browsing the internet for an academic research once and before i knew it, alot of pop-ups was on my windows. They numbered from around eight to twelve simultaneous window openings. How agitating does that sound like? I mean youre on your own and dead serious about your research and suddenly you get bothered by this blackjack and casino offers around. I have to tell you guys, i was mad like hell. I stopped what I was doing and played basketball instead (i find it therapeutic).
This is just my experience and im sure you have yours too.

In addition to this one, if ever I would want to learn how to play black jack online, i dont have any site to explain the mechanics of the game. I was once enticed (more like fooled) to know how to play blackjack but once i visited the site, there was nothing more than random ads and this was when i told myself to let it go and that was exactly what I did.

Where Has Smorty Gone?

Blog Advertising - Get Paid to Blog

It has been 4 straight days now that I didn't receive (more like found) any offer from smorty. I constantly check the site for offers that can be made for my 2 blogs that they have approved but this past few days, i think they have gone somewhere.

I do have around $80 to receive from them this coming week and im looking forward for a timely payment from them.

Smorty has been my steady money maker in the month of november and i made around $200 all in all since I started a few month ago. I suggest you should join them too!

Are you experiencing this issue as well? Let me know about it.

The poll that I have been running for a month now has just recently closed with the confirmation that majority of my visitors on this blog are teenagers.

Here's the breakdown of my visitors :
visitors aged 20 and above comprise 16% of this blog.
those who are 16-19 comprise 29%
and finally, the largest group is comprised of the 13-15 group with 54%.

What does this mean?
I derive my traffic from search engines especially from google and i think my search engine ranking helped this blog alot. I dont have that much traffic but I can say that every traffic is targeted and thats all i wanted. Im considering expanding my niche to improve my niche and attract more visitors.

Im still contemplating on my next poll, ill let you know about the next one to come. ;)

Bridging Finance For South Africa

I have came across a site that offers fast and reliable funding in south africa. They provide fast, competitive and quick bridging finance.This is the premier bridge funding company of south africa. They understand that you require the funds as soon as possible. You will not experience unnecessary delays to get bridging finance. Awaiting registration? - You may bridge up to 80% of the equity in your home or your 2nd bond and within 8 hours after documentation your money will be paid into your bank account. Want to know more about them? Please visit Smartbridge.

Bridgebond would also offer you an alternative for your efforts and take care for your hassles of applying and delays that it includes. In addition to these sites, please also refer to home loan application and switchabond for your convenience.

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How Teens Avoid Bad Credit Loans

Is it really possible that teens can have bad credit loans?

This is the question that might be very intriguing but as strange as it may sound, I know some people (yes, they are teenagers) that are in the deepest of debts. For some reason, they turn into loans to compensate for financial supplements that are not even used for productive endeavors but to some personal causes.

The best way to avoid getting your feet with loans? I should say that you have to make sure you can handle things your own based on your finances. Dont force yourself, afterall, regret comes last. Always does.

Its not very uncommon to hear about troubled teens because I think teenagers today are more or less, innately deviant. But what is becoming more and more alarming is the rate of teenagers having issues about drug addiction and the number that actually goes to drug rehab compared to those who are not.

Statistics say that smoking and drinking alcohol predisposes teenagers to more potent substance abuse like cocaine and marijuana. It is like a gradual process of learning wherein you learn first the basic of the subject for instance medicine, you have to first master the concept of anatomy and physiology before progressing through the higher level of clinical learnings. Same is true with alcohol and drug addiction.

While some prefer to undergo drug treatment, an increasing number of troubled teens do not even admit being an abusive user or an addict. This I think, is the first and the hardest step in going into drug rehabilitation-the awareness that one is into substance abuse.

There are alot of ways you can help someone in your peers, in your family or even just someone you know on how he or she can cope up with this very difficult stage. You can contact the social services of your local government and some people would be very happy to lend you a hand. Another thing maybe is online interventions wherein you can contact a non-profit website and tell them about your situation and how you want your friend of family member be treated. They would be more than glad to give you a little of assistance that you need.

In addition to this contact form, you can also find all the information that you need about the different substance and drug addiction and its interventions on how to go about it and how to help someone who is in this very difficult time of their life. They might not be aware of it or even deny it but your help will always be appreciated sooner or later.

So, to close this post, teenage years only pass once in a person's life. Let us not ruin it with substances that would only be of detriment to our loved ones. They need our help.

In the course of my blogging for over four months, I have always been very much into finding ways on how to improve my blog and maybe find another way wherein I can maximize my sales and not compromise each visitor satisfaction on my blog. In this search for ways, I came upon a site that offers customer relationship management to site owners and web marketers
alike. If we put things into context, It is going to be like your customer representative in your local malls and supercenters wherein customers can refer their opinions, questions or comment about the establishment. This is how aim support helps internet marketers to increase sales.

I just found out that they are offering a free 14-day trial which include most of the features so that youll be able to find out the difference. You can compare the features by clicking here.

Let me expound how this CRM specialist. As a site owner, you can pass the sales process, and improve follow-up with the sales management features that are already built in on this program. This takes the burden off your effort or your employees if you employ some to so their work and thus, reduces the number of features and functions that they have to constantly keep an eye on.Simply put, they do the dirty job here while you foces more on sales and revenue.

Yes its true. I just confirmed it with my blogging friend and he says its the biggest hidden secrets made since the exposure of king tutankhamun's tomb in egypt. Well, im exaggerating but you gut my point I suppose. He has been using amazon promotional codes & coupons for sometime now and before he goes to shop online, he often checks secret amazon discounts so he can avail big discounts.

Teenagers are very much inclined to use this feature since we have limited funds, limited income and more or less, limited time to shop well. This is the maid reason why I included this on my blog review.

Of course we know that amazon sells more than just books nowadays, right? Well, not for those who live a retrospective and primitive lifestyle but even they should be very interested in checking out this discount amazon gift certificates that I am imparting to you now. I checked out the site just this morning and I think the coupons about sporting goods products got the best of my interest. In addition, I also found a discount coupon about my number three christmas wish list which is a digital camera. One of these days, I might decide on finally buying that one but im also thinking about buying a new pair of shoes.

Help me decide

I have always wanted to buy an MP3 Player but I was a bit hesitant to spend my money on it because it might eat up all my time and I may have the tendency of foregoing my study time just listening to my MP3 player. This I think will change after I came across an mp3 player specialized site where you can choose and compare prices and specifications of the best mp3 players in the market today. My personal choice is the Tanget Iman with 512 MB memory and very handy features. I suggest you give them a try and maybe youll be deciding on your next player soon after, I did.

Digital photo designing is one thing that I think I would never be able to be fully successful with. I would rather use my time wisely by blogging that be involves with this. I use different programs like sierra but I think I suck real hard doing some work with them as my patience meltdown would almost immediately drown even with the slightest of mistakes that I make.

In line with this, I always wanted to get things done easily and in line with this, I found a new site that specializes in digital photo frames, a must when it comes to photo enhancement. A digital picture frame would make a photo two hundred times better than just plain photograph. With this enhancement, I can make a very good outcome without anyone noticing that I made very little effort with. Evil me. Well, this ends my small tip for digital photo frames, I hope this was helpful to you guys. Be safe!

Dont Delete Your Blogs!

This week has just been all for sponsored posts. Ive been making more posts for smorty and sponsored reviews than any other time in my four months blogging and hey, I think it was all worth it.

Ive been making quite a notable amount of money doing reviews for my agloco pilipinas blog that i thought died centuries ago until i found out from a friend that it was already on PR4 status and well, accelerated my earnings.

I made around $120 from smorty just this week and $65 from sponsoredposts. I did not have any P P P this week since im afraid about their deviance to google's pagerank as they moved to make their own rank and naming it as real-rank, a move that made bloggers doubt them including me. So, i think im going to make things settle down first and see if ill work for them again.

Bottomline, dont ever delete your blogs. It might just be your money maker. ;)

Teens like statistics alot. Well, not the subject (especially me) but the numbers just would do the trick if you want to be convinced of somethingo, dont they?

Do you know that there were an estimated 908,000 new inhalant users in 2004, up from 332,000 in 1999. The rate of first use among youths age 12-17 rose significantly from 1999 to 2005, from 8.4 to 18.8 per 1,000 potential new users, and remained level after that. For young adults age 18-25, there was an increase in the rate of first use between 1999 and 20066 (from 4.7 to 11.7 per 1,000 potential new users) and a leveling off in 20077 (9.2 per 1,000 potential new users). With this numbers, its not very hard to imagine that one of our immediate friends if not, a number of our acquaintances are into drug addiction or drug abuse. Even I can name a few of my friends who used to be addicted to some prescription drug medicines but already went to drug rehab.

With this sad but true numbers, we can safely say that teens of this generation is most prone to drug addiction. Now there are alot of ways to alleviate these problems, and one very commonly used drug treatment is drug rehab. I found a free and non-profit site over the internet for individuals who wants to come back and function usefully in society by way of drug rehabilitation. When you visit the site, you will be taken to a bottom page wherein you have to fill in a form if you want yourself or a loved one be rehabilitated for good. After filling the form up, an expert counselor will guide you through the process. The best part about it is that its all for free. I dont know who funds it but its sure does feels good that there concerned individuals there that still thinks the youth today is tomorrow's hope.

I have been able to visit the beautiful country of the United Kingdom some few years back and among all the other things that fascinated me is their culture, more specifically, their teenage culture. They would always tend to be more deviant than the way we behave here in asia in general. In addition, they would always strive for independence and it seems that along with the short terms goals they have is the privilege of independence, always getting things done their own way.

Along with this characteristics is the adolescent teenager's problem in housing. When I was their, my teenage relatives were looking eagerly for flats to rent in Liverpool. They would also try to find brochures about flats to rent in London, their second choice and debby, the eldest among my relatives their finally settled in one of the houses to rent in Bristol that she found over the internet. Let me tell you, even the choice of where to live for college would seem to be very impossible to be left for my aunt to decide for. Luckily, my aunt was patient and supportive enough to them that she gave them the independence that they really wanted. Sure she was a bit lonely with all of them leaving her but hey, its how life works in the united kingdom.

The power of mobile marketing

I was strolling at the mall last week looking for a new phone that would really help me with my busy schedule. I was totally confused on what phone to buy and I ended up not buying at all! Why? because I was really confused on which phone to buy. When I got home, I gave it a thought and realized that I don't really need to worry myself as to what particular phone to buy. The important thing is the SERVICE IT PROVIDES. As long as I can send text messages to my friends and colleagues at an instant, or surf the web for a quick browse with my e-mails, or even advertise my small business, through mobile marketing, in a very convenient and cost-effective manner, then I don't really need anything more. And I thought... I already have such services provided by Cellit Mobile Marketing. So I'm Going back to the mall tomorrow to buy any phone as long as it supports everything that Cellit's reliable services offer me.

I have been with Cellit Mobile Marketing for a couple of months now and I tell you, its really worth it! Whenever I can't seem to decide on which restaurants to pick from, Cellit Mobile Marketing provides me with the best options with their CouponZap system. Also with that CouponZap, the small business I mentioned earlier? Well ever since I had been with Cellit Mobile Marketing... let's just say... that my previously small business IS NOT THAT SMALL NOW. I have asked some of my consumers of how they heard about my products and a number of them got a text message advertising my said products. And just recently, my friend bought a new house at Riverdale's using their House4cell system.

So for you guys out there like me whose still confused about which phone to buy, just remember..."it's not the phone that's important but the service it provides" and how it would add convenience and carefree lifestyle!

Teen Facts About Money Making

Do you know who is the richest teen in the world?

Athina Roussel, an eighteen year old lady of glamour has been left with two and a half billion pounds by her family making her one of the richest people in the world and the only teen on the category and the most envious part is that she didnt even move a finger to have that much money. The Onassis family (her grandfather) owned a huge shipping business in Greece and have been famous since the 1960s. Since then, they have been making fortunes like its just a daily routine.

While we struggle to keep up with our money making even to the point of having payday loan, she even has more money than the whole of our relatives and friends combined in their lifetime. With this much money, I wonder how does she even deal with the pressure of spending her money. Well, people are wrapped in so many grand things but what really matters is the one that is inside, the meat of any animal, the heart of any human.

The bottom line? Money is just a spec in the vastness of an entity we call life.

I Just Got Blogged! Whew!

Every morning, I start my day right by checking my money making programs and how much I made overnight. My modest but fruitful earnings would usually be enough to make my day but not today.

My Blog Got Featured On Mindanao Bloggers!

Its something new for me because with the last four months of blogging, I focused more on money making strategies and forgot all about the essence of blogging. Sure, im doing fairly well in making money online but blogging doesnt stop there at all, im now off and try to make more blogging friends. Afterall, friendship is more precious than money. (naks!)

Again, I am sincerely honored to be featured on mindanao bloggers. Special thanks to blogie and the rest of my amigos and amigas (not referring to ants of course. lol) in mindanao bloggers!

Uswag Mindanao!

As this blog age, im trying to capture more audience by integrating more content on this blog as my time permits me. One of this is Teen Internet Tricks. In here, I share my knowledge and my experience on the internet on things that might interest not only the teen audience but also the not-so-teen ones.

So for the first one, im going to teach you how to download mp3s from radio blog club for free! Yes, there's such a way! And its not even a hack, its just a trick! (I dont promote hacks)

I can imagine you guys are excited. lol Before I show you, im going to introduce you to radioblogclub. Its generally a site that offers free stream of music. Anything from RnB to HipHops and OPM's, its all there. You can even build your own playlist and listen to it everyday for free. Sort of like an online Winamp if you may. Well, this trick is going to teach you how to download these songs so that you wont be needing the internet to listen to your fave music.

Okay, so heres how it works.

  1. Use IE (Internet Explorer) for faster download. Havent tried this one with mozilla but ill update this post if I can figure it out. Go to radioblogclub.
  2. Search your favorite track or song by inputting the name of song on the search box.
  3. Wait for the track to completely load. And by this one, i mean the lighter gray color when you play a song. Like the ones that youtube have and allow you to continuously play it without cutting.
  4. Open My Computer --> Control Panel ---> Internet Options
  5. Then a window pops up. Under "browsing history" click settings, then view files.
  6. The final window pops up and shows you a list of "temporary internet files".
  7. On that window and under the "type" header, find the RBS file. It is the track that you have been playing on radioblogclub.
  8. Drag and drop it to your desktop.
  9. The most important step: Rename the file and put ".mp3" on the end. (Ex. The River.mp3)
  10. Youre done! Play in on windows media or winamp or any platform you are using.

Thats it guys! Hope this post helped you. If you have any questions, you can comment or contact me. If you wish to thank me, Subscribing to my blog will really make me happy. See on on the next Teen Tricks!

Big Buck Pic

Just this afternoon, I received an email from smorty telling me that my paypal account has just been loaded with $43 from this week's activity. I was ecstatic! I said to myself, this is it! This is really it! I am making money from my blog just like what I have envisioned just four months ago from blogging.

Well, if this is not good enough, let me tell you some more of my developments. Hmmm. . . I just broke out the $80 mark on adsense, I have $96 on payperpost, $83 from clickbooth and $50+ from sponsoredreviews. The other minor things are not to be mentioned simply because you might say I am bluffing here. lol Nah, im just kidding. . .

But hey! This goes to show a teenager can really make money from blogging. Its hard to imagine that just four months before, Im reading posts very similar to what im making right now from other blogs and hey, look at me now. Im doing my thing! lol

Just an update, im still waiting for the EON card to validate my paypal and hopefully, I can use it to spend my blogging money. Im actually eyeing on a new phone this christmas, well see! God, im excited. lol

I found a site that can just kill the time with fun quizzes that can really entertain those who are bored and who are facing the computer. I tried out some of their quizzes like the are you dumb quiz, the pop culture quiz and the how emo are you quiz. I could say that I was really amused with these quizzes.(note:This post was brought to you by our friends over at

They have more entertaining and time-killing quizzes that could be really into your liking. Like the Christmas trivia quiz that is very appropriate for the coming yuletide season. You will be amazed by how much you never knew about christmas.

I posted about my application for EON debit card and how you can use it to withdraw your paypal account directly to it. I applied last wednesday and the system said I could take my card on my specified branch after five working days. That means I can get it this wednesday, so i guess its still safe to say it needs a week to process.

I have been waiting for this opportunity to withdraw from paypal since I started blogging four months ago and with this opportunity, I can finally enjoy the fruit of my labor in blogging.

I will update again when I get the chance this wednesday.

Im A Big Garage Junky

Everytime I have a free time, it is spent exclusively on the computer (for blogging of course) or to our garage. I love to tune up my own car, its my second baby, after my girlfriend that is. lol

Whenever I work, I always want my surroundings clean and organized over the garage and a pretty good component of this is the garage flooring. Its still new and it needs only a little maintenance as of yet. What does your garage floor look like?

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Teen Issues : Persistence To Study

This week has been pretty stressful for me academically. Remember the post I made about my course? From monday up to saturday, I was on the library studying my operating room procedures, principles and practices. We had our long test on friday and saturday and I slept late at night pretty late only to wake up in the morning facing the fact that I have to be on the same routine again.

This brings me to a controversial question. . . Where do teens get their persistence to study?

I can relate to people who drop out of school because of this stress but hey, thats not an option for me. I have to get good grades for my transcript, my children in the future and most of all, to myself. This only happens once in our life so why not get through it like everybody does? Its just a matter of mind setting.

My father runs our bike shop everyday for the last seven or eight years now and I have witnessed the business from its glorious revenue days, to its normal another day at work days and even its downiest times. One of the biggest challenge that I can really say is the catching up on the weekly checks that the supplier of our merchandise is setting to my father.

I can vividly remember one time when the check would really come on twelve noon and the morning before that, my father would go around to my relatives to borrow some money to prevent the check from bouncing and luckily, one of his sister who is my aunt was very kind enough to lend him money to prevent the check from bouncing. This was one of the days that the shop had a down time. From this experience, I told myself, wouldnt it be great if there is something or anything that we could run to in times like this. Well, i think I may have found something that we can use. It comes in the name of Think Cash loans.

It is a short term loans company that offers monetary assistance for times like the ones I described earlier. Sure it would happen to you or to anyone of us in the near future. It offers from as low as two hundred fifty dollars to as high as two hundred fifty thousand dollars. What I like about it is that the transaction can be done online as long as you have an internet connection at home, it wouldnt be much of a problem at all. The next day after you apply for a loan, it is going to be deposited right at your own account so you can use it easily and conveniently to what ever purpose it may serve you. When it comes to payment talks, its not a hard thing to imagine because you can pay by easy installments or if it is more convenient to you, you can pay it in full directly. Its all up to you.

To relate this one to the previous experience of my persistent father, being the dedicated father that he is, he was able to prevent the check from bouncing with the help of my aunt although the persuading part was difficult for my father, he did it in someway or somehow that even I cannot thoroughly explain up to this very day. You should meet my aunt and after that, you tell me if she is one that is easy to talk to. Believe me, you cant talk to her strainght. lol

Making money online is something that is easy enough if done right and if done with the greatest patience, perseverance and well, a little bit more of patience. I have been making money by blogging and with referral systems. This leads me to a question though, are online casinos a money earning potential for teens and for the not-so-teen adults?

Perhaps. An online casino that I have encountered is one that gives a very good impression and appeal to anyone who wants to make money online and in my case, who wants to make MORE money online. lol Anyways, I wanted to play a couple of their games like the most interesting of all, online poker. Another thing that got my attention is that they offer a one-wallet sytem where you would bet and withdraw the money you have. Its almost like the real thing! Well, minus the strip and the girls of course but hey, its all in good fun why not try it and maybe its your time to make more money on the internet.

In conclusion, I would like to give the decision to you guys. Do you ever want to make money this way? As long as your not doing anything wrong to anyone or to yourself, I guess its always cool. But just a tip though, dont overdo it. Take everything in moderation, you might end up regretting the whole thing.

Need A Payday Loan? No Problem!

Budgeting your money wisely while payday is still a century away is one of the hardest thing to do especially when the buying season is up and coming, more so when you could almost see, hear and feel the christmas spirit. You just cant keep those hard earned money to your pockets. Well, if you are experiencing this kind of problem, I say there is really no problem!

I would suggest you try out RobertsBridgeFinancial for your cash advance and payday loans. I visited their site just a while ago and I can really say that they have the real essential ingredient in this online business and that is simplicity. Even a ten year old boy can have a salary advance if he ever qualifies to. Its that easy! I mean the homepage is where the most part of the transaction will be navigated. No run-arounds or anything of that sort which is very beneficial especially to the ones not familiar with the internet. Going back, it is a short term loan that ranges from £80 up to £750. This is pretty much a sizable loan and thus, making it less burden to pay up.

Recently, I met a fellow blogger from Cagayan de Oro (The city i call home) on mindanao bloggers and we got to talk about blogging, its money making potentials and everything about paypal in the philippines. As it turns out, he has been making quite hefty money from paypal and smorty from his entertainment blog since 2005! (imagine how much money is there to make in 2 years) and being curious as I am, I asked everything about the availability of paypal in the philippines and heres what he suggested me to do :

Open an EON Account at union bank.
EON is a debit card that accepts services online banking transactions specifically from paypal. In fact, it is the sole card that offers this kind of service here in the philippines and for a blogger's ear, there is no sweeter sound than this news.

So with this, I decided to apply for an account online and after a few submission of personal infos, I was told that my card will be ready for pick up at a branch that I selected when I registered (Im picking it up on monday).

Open your own account online like i did. It took me like 2 minutes! click here to find out more.

Verify my Paypal Account
This is something that i wanted to do for quite sometime now but i couldnt, simply because i dont have a debit or credit card but with this EON debit card, I can now verify my paypal account right after I come back home from the bank.

Transfer my Paypal Money To My EON.
This is the step that im really excited about. With the money that I am anxiously waiting to get my hands on, sometimes its pretty hard to sleep at night. lol! Imagine I can now (hopefully, everything turns out right) pay my bills, shop and eat, eat, eat with just one swipe and with the money I earn from blogging. I cant wait!

Thats pretty much the steps he told me and im on my way of making step number three happen next week after I receive my card. If youre a blogger and dont know yet how this things work, drop me a line. I can help you out with a thing or two. Special thanks to robstroy for helping me out. Salamat bay! - 'thanks man!'

We just transferred to a new house since last year when my mom decided we would transfer to somewhere where theres not too many distractions, pollution and traffic. In effect, we called the uptown of Cagayan de Oro City our home. (note: this post was brought to you by our friends over at

Since we transferred here almost a year ago, there are alot of things that has to be maintained like drywood termites treatment and my father is getting worried that our money is will not be worth it. Though we dont have termites yet, as they say, prevention is better than cure. It truly is.

Exactly two months ago, i finally switched to adsense giving it more priority than bidvertiser and I think I made the best decision in my 3 months blogging. To those who dont know adsense, click here.
Im Doing Quite Well with Adsense!
Let me tell you why, first month of having adsense was a bounty. I made around $30 on October alone when I still had this blog to display adsense with. This alone is very rewarding for me as I Got enough clicks per day to be happy. With this month of November, I couldnt be even happier. I currently have my $20+ for this month and were not yet half way of the month. Im really excited how much I will be making this month. Hopefully, I will be able to get my check before christmas so I will have spending power this yuletide season.

In this light, i would like to thank my visitors, my readers and my blogging friends. If you guys want to ask me something about it, just contact me. I will be more than happy to give you a tip or two.

For other ways to make money as a teen, Read my articles.

As a teen, I am really not familiar with the way the terms go as far as Payday Loans are concerned but I think this is a great alternative for other types of loans since it offers more benefits. It is the fastest way to obtain secure, online cash advance and payday loans. You can loan from as little as $200 to as high as $1500 in twenty four hours. That's fast approval for loans online. You will also have the privilege of having free qoutes without any obligations at all. (note : This post was brought to you by our friends over at

Applying and qualifying for a payday loan is quick and easy, and in many cases there are no documents to fax. Once you're approved for the cash advance, the account is going to be directly transferred to your savings account. It also offer flexible payment options and discrete service that gets you the cash you need right now. It's that easy, so why wait to get that cash advance?

I have always been fascinated with the game of pool and with this very recently concluded World Pool Championship 2007, my admiration to the game has got the best of me.

I was on the birthday of my girlfriend's friend the other night and I saw this english man in the name of Daryl Peach, not a very well known name in the pool league but hey, its gonna change from now on. Im sure about that after he defeated my fellow countryman, Roberto Gomez.

He defeated Roberto Gomez, a filipino (the games were held in the Philippines) at the araneta coliseum just a few hours ago. Man, i have to tell you guys, the game was nail-biting! It was full of excitement and drama. If you have the time to view it on youtube (no vids available yet), i recommend you see it. Its one of the most hardly contested battles i have ever seen in 9ball pool.

To Daryl, Thanks for the best game! and for roberto; man, you tried your best, you dont have to prove anything anymore, just practice more and more.

Earning money online blogging is quite a complicated task especially if youre just a teenager. You need to manage your blog, your reputation, your growth and most of all, your finances. I am nineteen and turning into the happy twenty league in a few months and I did not plan on having credit cards until then. (note:This post is brought to you by our friends at

Three months ago, I was very anxious to earn money online. I came up with this blog, applied to almost every earning program available and just persevered. Now that I am starting to make real money from blogging, I am faced with a dilemma on how to be paid, when to get paid and how to do balance transfers. Well, im trying to figure things out again as I did when I started blogging and interest free credit cards would really help alot.

I am a big boxing fan and everytime i see a boxer in or out the ring, they would almost immediately earn my deepest respect but this one is an isolated case. Who would ever think the golden boy, Oscar De La Hoya would ever be on these fishnets?!?

If you are familiar with boxing and with this macho-turned-mucha boxer, get a hold of these photos and prepare to puke big time. lol

Credit goes to robstroy for this post.

Nearly three months ago, i posted about Smorty and how to get paid by blogging using it. At the first month, i never really got that many offers from them though they never failed to notify me of some offers that my blog is available for. This was true until my blog exploded with a PR3 status and got more offers than ever before. I have to say real blogging really starts at your fourth month, until then, just be patient, youll make it through the rain. (Note : This post was brought to you by our good friends over at

Just this week alone, i have made three posts for them at $10 each plus this one amounting to six bucks. That's equivalent to $36 in just one week and in just one program. Hows that for attaining financial independence from parents? Im getting a good feeling this will be of my benefit. Are you still not a member of smorty? Go ahead and get paid to blog!

Happy earning guys!

Do You Need Printer Cartridges?

Running out of printer ink in the middle of something for school is a real headache. Dont you think so? I have been in this situation before and let me tell you guys, its not pretty! God, its like missing a junior prom the hour before because you just found out your suite doesnt fit at all. Well, not really like that but you get my point. lol (note:This post was brought to you by our friends at

Cartridge Finder is making the purchase of a new cartridge an easy experience. Try them out the next time you run out of ink.

Just a week ago, i posted about the start of the class and what it means to me and to this blog. Well. . . Im telling you, medical-surgical nursing is one of the most difficult things you will ever encounter on this world!

Im not exaggerating! Makes me wonder what am I to do with my time-management. Theres just too much things to do with so little time! It seems like 24 hours is too little to study everything and to add insult to injury, i also have minors like religious studies and english to eat up my free time and to top it all off, i have to submit a viable nursing research work at the end of the semester.

I dont know if i can do it, but somehow, I WILL!

This is what is on my mind right now. As they say, try and try until you die. lol As for my money making journey, i would still go for goal. And that is to be financially independent from my parents. Can i make it? Only time will tell! We'll see. . .

Dyson has been known to give out the best possible vacuum products there is on the market today, especially in the united kingdom. For years now, they have been offering a complete line of vacuums and it has been noted that they lacked to give its customers the privilege of having the comfort of replacement of its accessories and parts especially in their website. Well, you dont have to despair, your wish is their command! They now offer the parts and accessories section on their website! (note : This post was brought to you by our friends over at

I visited the Dyson parts part of the website and i should say that oit needs more improvement when it comes to content and detail. Well, i guess i dont have to be very harsh on them, after all, its still new. Check them out guys, you might just find what you really need.

Previously, i wrote about the program Voxant - Newsroom some time ago and told you that I am trying it out and tell you what ever comes up with it in the coming weeks. Well, this is the part where i evaluate a money making program for your blogs.

Voxant-Newsroom is a video, text or photo display program that pays you when you reach 1000 pageviews for your videos, text or photos. I personally use the video feed display because it pays the highest commission which is $4 for every 1000 video plays. Texts would pay around $1 but i think i cannot use them that much since it requires too much space in your blog and i do not want to compromise my own content for the ones that they are displaying so i better stuck with the video. It comes from the major news companies like wall street journal which would guarantee great service for your visitors. I earned a little shy of $10 with them already and i would guarantee for you to use them too. Just a tip, use the auto-play to make the video play itself without getting clicked to play.

Keep coming back for more money-making programs.

Previously, i wrote about the program Voxant - Newsroom some time ago and told you that I am trying it out and tell you what ever comes up with it in the coming weeks. Well, this is the part where i evaluate a money making program for your blogs.

Voxant-Newsroom is a video, text or photo display program that pays you when you reach 1000 pageviews for your videos, text or photos. I personally use the video feed display because it pays the highest commission which is $4 for every 1000 video plays. Texts would pay around $1 but i think i cannot use them that much since it requires too much space in your blog and i do not want to compromise my own content for the ones that they are displaying so i better stuck with the video. It comes from the major news companies like wall street journal which would guarantee great service for your visitors. I earned a little shy of $10 with them already and i would guarantee for you to use them too. Just a tip, use the auto-play to make the video play itself without getting clicked to play.

Keep coming back for more money-making programs.

Have you ever heard a sound effect that seems so true? What do you think about the sound effects that the ever popular, jurassic park employed? Well, I am very sure this would lead us to one question, who are the people behind this superb sound effects?

Brice Carrington is the man you are looking for. He simply has the gift of modern special effects so to say. He has been working so hard to to create each and every effect that he has come up so far. I personally like the Trex sound effect that seems to real. It is comparable to the ones that you can hear on movies. I visited his site and it really gave me an idea of what kind of man he really is. It gives an impression of simplicity yet sophistication. So the next time you hear his name, you know how hes known for.

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A Review Of Blogging Secret

It has been sometime since i posted a blog review. Maybe its because when I write one, I am really sincere about making one and today is one of those rare days.

In the competitive world of blogging for money, only some blogs become successful but even fewer excel. Among these blogs is one that truly sets above the rest. It is my utmost pleasure to give a review for a blog which i have come to enjoy and eventually love through time. My dear readers, let me welcome you to Blogging Secret.

Im going to start of with the physical feature of the blog; i can really say that the layout is really easy to deal with. Which is great! No run-arounds, no shinanigans, just plain simple content-based blogging which is always great find nowadays. Secondly, another great thing about this blog is its "reader-attractiveness". Because of his plain conversational mode of posting, Louiss Lim, the author of the blog, leaves readers no choice but to keep on coming back for more. No wonder the blog has 805 readers and counting. Yes, you heard me right! Bloggers, drool all you want coz this blog has more readers than what some takes a lifetime to achieve. lol Finally, the best quality that i like most is its subtleness and laid-back style of writing. If you go over his posts you will see that making easy money online is never as easy.

So, if you would like to know how to make easy money online, his blog is undoubtedly on my top list of recommended blogs. Go over to his blog and find out what im talking about. One thing keeps me bitter-sweet though, his blog is for sale. If you want to give it a shot, the current offer stands at $700 which is quite low for a suped-up PR5 blog like this one.

Care is one of the most powerful elements when we talk about relationships. It is so compelling that if we fail to show it to our loved ones, they are going to end up disappointed, regressed and upset. Now, this value must be shown to everyone especially our elderly that paved the way for our growth, development and most of all, our betterment.

This poses a question to all of us : Is it really better to lead our loved ones to a nursing home? For me, this should not be the case, it is like them saying "Oh, this child is worthless, i should give them to social services instead" when we were still young. So, while they are here with us, show them the care they deserve. The website on the link is the central site to give care for them so go ahead, visit them now!

This post was brought to you by our friends at

I was studying over my lessons earlier and i was a bit surprised to see people over the living room. It turns out, they are here to have the "black rosary" and i didnt have much choice, i went down and joined them. This wasnt enough bother to me until they asked me to say the third glorious mystery of the rosary and this was the point i started to shiver: I had my last rosary when i was still in high school! I didnt know what to do!

The story doesnt stop there, as the prayer went on, a leader proceeded and all the others responded; this continued for what seemed like eternity and before i knew it, it was my turn to lead! Darn! The feeling was horrible! I dont know if this was just about my nervousness or something else but I FORGOT THE THE HAIL MARY! God, if you ever experience a shameful event in your precious life, you can relate with me. The old woman beside me whos face i never seen before kept on dictating whats nest and all that. God, instead of praying the rosary, i was praying for it to end! whew!

This leads me to ask :

Do teens really need to be religious?
i mean im a liberal slash open-minded slash pretty much independent gentleman and i have to say no. I mean, i have nothing against the church or anything but my opinion stands firmly, teens do not have to be that religious to be "good" in life. As long as you dont hurt other people and believe in god, thank him and look at him as your father, everything works out fine. What do you say?

A Review Of

Furnitures are one of the essential things that a household must have and more often than not, we just dont mind them. Right? Well, I have found myself a website that gives you more options in every furniture that you might think of. Some of the great selections that the site specializes are: bedroom furniture, office furniture, bedroom furniture and furniture home office.

From fist glance, i can say that the site is user-friendly judging by its organized navigation system. The layout also rates high to me because im more of a simple but elegant liking person and this one really suites me well. What can you say about this website?

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There are really quite alot of ways you can earn money online as a teenager. It all depends on your personality, your time and most of all, your efforts with it. Sure it is easy to earn money online quick as a teen (i can attest to that) but hey, its not something that you can do over the night and the next day tons of checks are on your doorstep (anyone who tells you this is possible, dont believe in them!). I have written post about sure ways to make money as a teenager such as making money from affiliate programs and How to make money online quick as a teen.

Now here are ways that might be to your liking if you want to make easy money online as a teen. Of course, these are the things that i have been proven based on experience to really make money but you are welcome to try anything you want as long as it doesnt involve you paying for it.

This is one of the easiest way to earn without spending a dime while having the privilege to express your own opinions about things. As a starter, i recommend you to use free blog programs like the one im using right now from Blogspot. There are more blogs for free like wordpress and typepad. Just try things out and within a few weeks, youll get the hang of it. Personally, i started blogging without any know-how at all, i learned from the bloggers that has been already successful like mike and carl. Its my fourth month now, and i am happier than ever, just a sidenote, im expecting a check from clixsense within this week. Sweet!

If ever you try out blogging, do not hesitate to contact me and ask for guidance, i am more than willing to help you guys out in starting your blog. Its just passing on the torch. ;)

Joining Affiliate Programs:
Now this one, i wrote about in more post than necessary but dont get me wrong, im just trying to help you guys out in earning money fast and easily. There are alot of these programs nowadays but i highly recommend the ones that i already have proven. These are Treasuretrooper, Clixsense, and Tiktikcash. They will be very handy if you start out your blog and get referrals from your readers. As you get more visitors, you also get to have more referrals that leads to more money. How sweet it is!

Monetize your social media:
By social media, i mean the ones you almost exclusively use the internet for (myspace, friendster). They are undiscovered goldmines if you ask me. They are channels for visitors for your blog, they can be used to extend your referrals for affiliate programs and much much more!

Join get-paid-to-post programs:
These are programs that are very identical to myspace, multiply or friendster but with a little twist of course, they pay you for each post you make! Yes, you heard me right, you can earn a few cents per post that could eventually build up as time passes by. Hey, you would even forget youre already earning! Try them out for yourselves. This one is my top recommended program Mylot. Just browse through almost infinite topics and make friends and money along the way. Now thats what i call, having fun while earning money.

That's it guys! Hope this post gave you an idea on how to teens earn money online the easy way. Keep on coming back for more tips and dont forget to show me some love, just come back often and i will continue to give love to you too. ;) Be safe guys!

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