Yes, that's right guys! After a veeeeeeery long hiatus from posting for this blog, the man who used to call himself as a teen is now back and he's about to turn 21!

Alright, first things first.

There's a lot of things that happened during my hiatus. I got into a lot of things. Affiliate marketing, blog making, school work, girlfriend, family issues. i wish I could narrate everything that happened along this 10 months that I have been missing.

If you look at the post below this one, its about 10 months ago! Heck, that's equivalent to about a century on the internet marketing!

Where was Kirby all along?

Well, Ive been around a lot actually. But to sum it all off: Ive been learning. Ive been learning a lot about internet marketing, affiliate websites, selling ebooks, adsense. All of these things and I cant wait to give it all to you guys.

What can you expect from this blog from now on?

Expect something different! Expect a more mature, more relevant and more effective tips from me. I have been getting my hands wet with adwords and selling my own ebook at the moment. Ive sold some, but im not yet done. We'll journey this road together!

What changes will be made?

A lot. Changes will start to be implemented this week. The first thing will be the headline. Its not gonna be "Teens Make Money with Kirby" anymore. I am more mature for that now. Its all about making hard money right now and the road to joining the big guns.

We've been to a journey together. Battles have been won and lost. But the war isnt over. Im back and im better than ever.

So, lets get the ball rolling!

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