Almost three months ago, I wrote a post about finally switching to adsense and foregoing bidvertiser for alot of reasons. You can check out my post why I trashed bidvertiser away and right now, I think I made one of the best decisions in my whole blogging career. Of course you remember my post about a filipino earning $19,000 a month on adsense alone. Right? Well, im not on that lever just yet. *wink*

I got paid by google adsense!

Yes, thats right lads! I just found out last night that my payment was ready even before christmas day (it was ready for pickup on the 24th). I opted to receive my payment through western union since Its alot faster than checks which would take around 4 weeks and alot simpler than paypal since no bank transactions are needed.

Ive heard alot of amusing stories from other bloggers when they withdraw their money from outlets. Ive heard one sales lady asked a blogger upon payment, "are you working in google sir?" and the blogger said "yes, and we are many". Im hoping to use the same line if ever the sales person asks me today and ill let you know when I come back.

A special shoutout to Dark Knight of blue mumble and Kuya J of PMT for the info about the withdrawal.


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