Over the course of my blogging, I wrote about ways of making money online through various programs like Gomez Peer, Smorty, MyLot, Squidoo, Bidvertiser and likes. I decided to make a post to integrate all of these things. I will be editing this post each time I encounter another quick money making online.

So there you are, searching for money making ways online on google and yahoo. Trying desperately to have an extra income, extra money or just something to compensate for the monthly internet fee. Well, congratulations! You have come to the right place. Trust me, i have been there and done that. That's why im here to help you cut the time spent on searching into time spent earning. If that's not time well-spent, i dont know what is.

Im not your dot com mogul, im not your pro blogger or your dosh blogger but one thing that sets me apart from them is my genuinity. I started from scratch, went through the laborious process of searching for money making ways and here i am! Just your regular blogger just the way i was the first day.

Notes to remember:
I categorized the programs into two: US, Canada & UK available and International. Some are applicable to both categories but the ones from US have more opportunities than the ones from international. I have also made some ratings from my own opinion and criteria. If youre not happy with it, I'd love to hear you out!

get paid via paypal or via check once you reach a minimum withdrawal amount so its a pretty good idea to have your paypal ready. No paypal account yet? Sign up here. Do you live in a non-paypal approved country? Check out my post on how to get by the restriction here.

So here it goes,

This is the Program for everyone. Even 13 year-olds have earned quite a considerable amount of money from this program. Offers range from a $.50 cents to quite large amounts, some even earns $75 just for signing up for trial offers. Note: Trial offers are the biggest money makers. (sshhh! lets keep it a secret) I like the feel of the program since it is more interactive. For the month of august, they gave away over six-figure worth of payouts to members! Check out the Proof. Start Earning now!

Now, i know alot of people online who earns from this program. Its pretty easy. You sign up, view ads, do this as a habit and when you reach your pay-out limit, You're off to be paid! Each click costs a few cents per click which totals to about $.10 per day. Yes! thats how they give power to your mouse. haha!

Here's the catch though, if you really want to pump up your earnings, you can upgrade to premium account and avail to almost unlimited ads to click. They got like 5,000++ ads available to click for premium users. The upgrade to premium costs $10 for one time payment and youre off to avail of the close to unlimited ads to click. You have the potential of earning a few tens of dollars a day. Its a sure winner! your $10 = $50 dollars worth of ad viewing. What a deal right? So i give this program a 9.0/10. Start earning for free. now!

This is a program that has alot of things to offer. You will get paid through signing-up for sites, completing surveys, completing offers and playing games. Yes! they pay you to play their games. So while on coffee break, this is a good time to enjoy playing, and even enjoy more earning! Also, if you refer other members, youll get a bonus earning for each one. And wait, there's more. . . If you sign up, youll get $5 to your account instantly. Yes! you heard me, just their way of saying thanks. Sign up here.

Alot of people has been making money with this program for quite sometime now. I even wrote about mylot compared to yahoo answers. You can read it here. It's like your average forums on the internet but only you get paid for every post you make. That's how you earn money online really quick.

Imagine writing, starting a discussion about your favorite topic and get paid for doing it. Not only are you enjoying, you're also earning! Now your $50 minimum payout can be reached in 2 months time with continuous posting and depending on your activity. Alot of people are even surprised to see they already reached payout limit because they enjoyed posting and forgot all about the money making scheme. Be one of them! Join Mylot now!

Now here's a program that i never get tired using. Why? Simply because i forget that im earning something. Yes! you heard me right. It's so negligible and unobstructive that i literally forget all about it. But dont expect to earn fast with this program. I earn like $2-3 a month. But well, its all for free and no obligations whatsoever in joining the program. And did i tell you that the referral fees are high? They give out $2 for every active member that you refer that goes active. I wrote about this program sometime ago. Read it here.

How would you like to earn money just by making a site your homepage?. Look no further. This is the program for you! They pay each member by making their site your homepage and search on the internet by using their search bar. For some reason, i find it odd why people would do this. Ad placement is one thing but paying people is another thing. While they keep guessing, we start earning on this program. haha!

Again, its not an instant money maker online but through time, youre money making programs would combine and would ultimately give you your extra money online. Join SlashMySearch here.

This is another get-paid-to-view-ads program but you get to recieve ads from your e-mail. You register your e-mail and start recieving ads on a weekly basis. I normally have 3 or 4 ad e-mails per week which ads up to $.30-.50. Im not sure about the other areas like US or Canada, i bet you guys would earn more from this program. For the guys from the rest of the world, we'll just have to be patient to reach out payouts. Afterall, patience is a virtue. right?

Sign up on Hits4Pay now!

This is a program is much like clixsense. You earn by the ads you look at and your earnings will depend on the number of ads you took for the day. I average $.10 a day so its pretty much a habit if you want to earn money online quick.

Join Bux.To now!

There you have it people! I hope you gained something from this post. Just remember to be patient, if youre not earning to much, just wait and see. Youll be amazed how things will turn out eventually. Earning money online is easy but does not come hassle-free. Be Patient. Take my word for it. ;)


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    I switched to adsense already. . Looking forward for your re-entry into the world of adsense. haha!

    Thanks for the info!

    Thanks for the comment but i dont add anything on my blog that i havent reviewed thouroughly. thanks for the info though.

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