Yes, yes. . . I know what you are thinking. Its too early for me to be going to a hotel somewhere in the world with my payouts through blogging. Ive been blogging for 3 months now and i have to tell you, im doing pretty well, at least for someone without prior knowledge about the word "blog" 3 months ago. Luckily, i have my parents to support me whenever I want anywhere and book a hotel for my stay. Parents. What am I to do without you guys? Well, before this would turn out to be a grammy-winning drama post, let me ask you, what do you do when you go for a hotel reservation? Are you the type who does the laborious process of contacting hotels using long distance phone calls only to find out that the place suck? Well, what would you say if i tell you I have the solution for you. This website is the authority when it comes to cheap hotel reservations to any continent of this planet.

If you would just visit their website, it wouldnt take a genius to figure out what to do. Its very easy that even my 3-year old brother can book a flight for the whole family. Well, i think thats a bit exaggerated but you get my point. The site is very user-friendly that everything you need is laid in main page. I tried the vacation packages myself and made my "vacation plan". I set out the destinations from manila to maui, i dont know why but theres something about maui that really interests me. Maybe its about the local actress Maui Taylor. Oh, shes one hot mama! Anyways, i set out the date from october 22 to the 30 so thats eight days of pure relaxation, fun and well, who knows what would happen there. Thats it! That's all you are asked to do. They automatically find a hotel that would suit my time, vacancy and the number of people that are going which is of course my happy family. The "auto-locate" results came in just about 5-10 seconds and viola! The Westin Maui Resort and Spa came into the spot and everything is there. The ratings, which is a respectable four stars, the description of the hotel, the time we leave from manila and the time we arrive at maui. I mean it, everything is so simple when using this great website. Well, i can just imagine the eight days of pure eurphoric moments over at maui. Go ahead! Book for your trip now at Hotel Reservations.

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