There are really quite alot of ways you can earn money online as a teenager. It all depends on your personality, your time and most of all, your efforts with it. Sure it is easy to earn money online quick as a teen (i can attest to that) but hey, its not something that you can do over the night and the next day tons of checks are on your doorstep (anyone who tells you this is possible, dont believe in them!). I have written post about sure ways to make money as a teenager such as making money from affiliate programs and How to make money online quick as a teen.

Now here are ways that might be to your liking if you want to make easy money online as a teen. Of course, these are the things that i have been proven based on experience to really make money but you are welcome to try anything you want as long as it doesnt involve you paying for it.

This is one of the easiest way to earn without spending a dime while having the privilege to express your own opinions about things. As a starter, i recommend you to use free blog programs like the one im using right now from Blogspot. There are more blogs for free like wordpress and typepad. Just try things out and within a few weeks, youll get the hang of it. Personally, i started blogging without any know-how at all, i learned from the bloggers that has been already successful like mike and carl. Its my fourth month now, and i am happier than ever, just a sidenote, im expecting a check from clixsense within this week. Sweet!

If ever you try out blogging, do not hesitate to contact me and ask for guidance, i am more than willing to help you guys out in starting your blog. Its just passing on the torch. ;)

Joining Affiliate Programs:
Now this one, i wrote about in more post than necessary but dont get me wrong, im just trying to help you guys out in earning money fast and easily. There are alot of these programs nowadays but i highly recommend the ones that i already have proven. These are Treasuretrooper, Clixsense, and Tiktikcash. They will be very handy if you start out your blog and get referrals from your readers. As you get more visitors, you also get to have more referrals that leads to more money. How sweet it is!

Monetize your social media:
By social media, i mean the ones you almost exclusively use the internet for (myspace, friendster). They are undiscovered goldmines if you ask me. They are channels for visitors for your blog, they can be used to extend your referrals for affiliate programs and much much more!

Join get-paid-to-post programs:
These are programs that are very identical to myspace, multiply or friendster but with a little twist of course, they pay you for each post you make! Yes, you heard me right, you can earn a few cents per post that could eventually build up as time passes by. Hey, you would even forget youre already earning! Try them out for yourselves. This one is my top recommended program Mylot. Just browse through almost infinite topics and make friends and money along the way. Now thats what i call, having fun while earning money.

That's it guys! Hope this post gave you an idea on how to teens earn money online the easy way. Keep on coming back for more tips and dont forget to show me some love, just come back often and i will continue to give love to you too. ;) Be safe guys!


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