Its not very uncommon to hear about troubled teens because I think teenagers today are more or less, innately deviant. But what is becoming more and more alarming is the rate of teenagers having issues about drug addiction and the number that actually goes to drug rehab compared to those who are not.

Statistics say that smoking and drinking alcohol predisposes teenagers to more potent substance abuse like cocaine and marijuana. It is like a gradual process of learning wherein you learn first the basic of the subject for instance medicine, you have to first master the concept of anatomy and physiology before progressing through the higher level of clinical learnings. Same is true with alcohol and drug addiction.

While some prefer to undergo drug treatment, an increasing number of troubled teens do not even admit being an abusive user or an addict. This I think, is the first and the hardest step in going into drug rehabilitation-the awareness that one is into substance abuse.

There are alot of ways you can help someone in your peers, in your family or even just someone you know on how he or she can cope up with this very difficult stage. You can contact the social services of your local government and some people would be very happy to lend you a hand. Another thing maybe is online interventions wherein you can contact a non-profit website and tell them about your situation and how you want your friend of family member be treated. They would be more than glad to give you a little of assistance that you need.

In addition to this contact form, you can also find all the information that you need about the different substance and drug addiction and its interventions on how to go about it and how to help someone who is in this very difficult time of their life. They might not be aware of it or even deny it but your help will always be appreciated sooner or later.

So, to close this post, teenage years only pass once in a person's life. Let us not ruin it with substances that would only be of detriment to our loved ones. They need our help.


  1. Anonymous  

    November 29, 2007 at 3:35 PM

    The teenage years are really tough. And with society today, it's no surprise that more and more teenagers are turning to substance abuse, and that less and less of them are even recognizing the problem. You're right that recognizing the problem is the hardest. I've had so many friends that have addiction problems (some not even with substances), and the hardest part is getting them to admit that they even have a problem. They get violent and angry, and it's so hard, as a loved one, to help them when they don't want the help or know that they need it.

    I've been coping by watching the show on A&E called Intervention. Have you seen it yet? They convince all types of addicts of different things that they're participating in a documentary. Then, they document their addiction and their abuse, and at the end, they show them the results and what happened. Then, they face them with a choice: they can either go through intervention to attempt to give up their addiction, or they can continue down their destructive path. It's a phenomenal show, and it's been such an eye opener, which is why I'm working so hard to support it. You should check it out: The new series premiere is on December 3rd at 9pm. Let me know your thoughts? What other resources have you guys used to help you with addiction or to help you break the news to your friends?

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