Previously, i wrote about the program Voxant - Newsroom some time ago and told you that I am trying it out and tell you what ever comes up with it in the coming weeks. Well, this is the part where i evaluate a money making program for your blogs.

Voxant-Newsroom is a video, text or photo display program that pays you when you reach 1000 pageviews for your videos, text or photos. I personally use the video feed display because it pays the highest commission which is $4 for every 1000 video plays. Texts would pay around $1 but i think i cannot use them that much since it requires too much space in your blog and i do not want to compromise my own content for the ones that they are displaying so i better stuck with the video. It comes from the major news companies like wall street journal which would guarantee great service for your visitors. I earned a little shy of $10 with them already and i would guarantee for you to use them too. Just a tip, use the auto-play to make the video play itself without getting clicked to play.

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    September 6, 2016 at 5:30 AM

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