I was studying over my lessons earlier and i was a bit surprised to see people over the living room. It turns out, they are here to have the "black rosary" and i didnt have much choice, i went down and joined them. This wasnt enough bother to me until they asked me to say the third glorious mystery of the rosary and this was the point i started to shiver: I had my last rosary when i was still in high school! I didnt know what to do!

The story doesnt stop there, as the prayer went on, a leader proceeded and all the others responded; this continued for what seemed like eternity and before i knew it, it was my turn to lead! Darn! The feeling was horrible! I dont know if this was just about my nervousness or something else but I FORGOT THE THE HAIL MARY! God, if you ever experience a shameful event in your precious life, you can relate with me. The old woman beside me whos face i never seen before kept on dictating whats nest and all that. God, instead of praying the rosary, i was praying for it to end! whew!

This leads me to ask :

Do teens really need to be religious?
i mean im a liberal slash open-minded slash pretty much independent gentleman and i have to say no. I mean, i have nothing against the church or anything but my opinion stands firmly, teens do not have to be that religious to be "good" in life. As long as you dont hurt other people and believe in god, thank him and look at him as your father, everything works out fine. What do you say?


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