Hate online bingo spams? Me too! And im here to sympathize with you on this one.

Do you still remember the old internet explorer days and just when you were in your chair feeling relaxed and enjoying whatever youre doing and suddenly this blinky, glittery and awful online bingo pop-up comes? God, I remember shutting down the computer after it crashed because of these horrible stuff. (I was on dial-up connection back then)

What is bingo anyways? Well, if you ask me, i think its a great game offline especially if youre with friends or cousins, this would definitely liven the gathering but online? Its vicious! I got fooled once when a site offered me to play the best online bingo games in one of the online bingo rooms. It was alright when I was still playing with it but I found out a week or so after that my PC is full of malicious adwares. Hows that for a bingo cheap thrill?

Whats your bingo experience?


  1. DummyGeekGurl or nenyalorien or Lorie :p  

    December 30, 2007 at 7:53 AM

    use a pop-up blocker, or Mozilla Firefox. ;)

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