Guys, I know ive been away for quite sometime and to be honest, im guilty about it because you might think I stopped blogging or teaching people how to make money on the internet. Well, to make things clear, Im still on it guys! Dont Worry.

With my almost two weeks of absence, ALOT of things happened and im going to tell you guys everything as the days go by.

To welcome you back to this blog, let me tackle about SEO. I know some of you might think I could not possibly know anything about it coz im still a teen but hey, I managed to get the first page of the keywords "teens make money" or anything related to "teens" and "money". So I know a thing or two about what im talking about. Still not convinced? Google it up. ;)

I have come across this program by the name of TNX and no, its not the short SMS of "thank you". In accordance, you might want to say that exact same thing to the company after you reach the first page of your targeted keyword.

Remember text link ads? Well, they are actually on their decline because google banned them for life. We thought they would be the answer to our traffic and PR problems but they proved to fail. On this note, how do you like to take the advantages of contextual advertising, relevant link exchanges and text link selling all in just one solid service? Well, TNX has got your back and I highly recommend them.

I actually observed, analyzed and sifted through their program and so far, I have no complaints. Think about this, have thousands of links to your blog or website in lowest price in the market today. For as low as $11 a month, you can have relevant links to your site at the most convenience. Also, if you want to sell links from your site while hiding from google, they have a privacy policy that does the job securely. Another great thing about this program is the per-page selling of links which is very profitable for bloggers and site owners. Compared to site wide link selling, you can have targeted links on every single page of your site if you wish to.

TNX has just stirred a great deal of discussion over at digitalpoint and you can check out other bloggers who are satisfied with their service.

What do you think about their service? If you have something in mind, do let me know and ill sure to have something to say.


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