Okay. . now, i think im getting very anxious to start my blog.

Just a while ago, i added Bidvertiser ad on my blog. You can see it just above the posts. I signed up as a publisher and thought i would try my luck on this one. I chose bidvertise over adsense for some upright practical reasons.

  1. Bidvertiser has a much lower minimum payout compared to adsense. You can claim your earnings from as low as $10, compared to $100 of adsense.
  2. Bidvertiser ads can be customized according to your own preferrence.
  3. You can choose the ads that would appear on your blog. And you are even given the chance to block some ads that you might not like. (for some peculiar reason, some people use this).
  4. Bidvertiser is perfect for a starting blogger like me.
Although these things might sound so good, i am quite doubtful about many things.
  1. Bidvertiser is not as well-established as adsense. Though alot of people already use it, its still not good for permanency. I suggest use it for sometime, and if you are not satisfied with it, change to another ad content provider. Coz in a world where we live right now, you just cant trust no one.
  2. Bidvertiser is not as user friendly as adsense. Some of its features are lacking, like no return button, so if you miss out on tweaking your ads, you have to do it all over again by opening another window which is quite a hassle.

After all of this, I would still recomment bidvertiser or any other low-minimun paying ad content providers for starting bloggers like me.

Join bidvertiser here.

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