This is the question that we have to address in today's post.

Im sure alot of you have seen a donation buttons in some of the blogs that have been existing for quite sometime and have enormous traffic already. You normally see them on wuite a nuber of locations on a blog. Some would put it on the very noticeable area on blog either on the left or right upper quadrant of the page, some would put it after each and every post and some, just poout it in texlinks asking.

Personally, i dont think anyone would give someone money in an instant just like that. Not unless. . .
  • They earn from the information the blogger gave them
  • They have taken something very important to them
  • They owe the blogger. - this one im not so sure about.
Nonetheless, the 3 are coming from the fundamental fact that someone BENEFIT from the blogger.

As a matter of opinion, if i have earned from the information the blogger gave me, it would take me some time to finally decide if i am to give him his 'tip' for the info.

There are, however, some individuals who pulled it off. Take note of the likes of John Chow (enough said) and Jason Krottke.

His story is that in the early part of 2005 he decided to quit his employment to take up being a professional blogger for one year.

His blog doesn't offer any form of service or product, and there is no advertising. His income, I'm told, is (or at least was) purely from donations. In February of 2006 Jason revealed that roughly 1450 'micropatrons' had donated over US$39,900 over the course of his one year experiment of being a full time blogger.

In this case Jason already had a good following and donations were to become a micropatron. He also had that relationship established with his readers.

The Verdict:
Having donation buttons is effective if used at an appropriate time and an appropriate audience. You might ask should i try it? If i ever want to have one on my blog, ill make sure every penny donated is worth while. So, not in the near future. ;)

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