Digg for a traffic explosion?

After browsing quite a few websites, reading a gazillion blogs, taking advises from experts and wander around the blogogsphere, i decided to add my blog into something that has been existing for a very long time already. So long that i might even be the last person in the blogosphere to add myself into. (im exaggerating) This is in realation to my post about getting more traffic.

I Joined Digg!

Digg is a social site that was started last 2004 as an experimental site where users submit their articles to. Once you submit, your article would appear on their "upcoming stories" along with alot more articles waiting to get noticed. The idea is to make the readers "digg" your story by clicking the digg button just before each article. If your story gets dugg for alot of times, your story would appear on their frontpage which would even get you more notices, more readers and even more diggs!

Heres the catch for your traffic:

Every article you submit to digg has a link back to your blog or site. If readers are enticed with what you wrote, they would visit your site and maybe browse a little bit, click some ads a little bit, subscribe with your own feeds. who knows? This is what i call "Quality digg traffic".

Do you have a digg article?

Let me know about it and ill give you a digg after you have registered and submitted an article. Its just an incentive for stopping by my blog. Im trying to project a "helping hand attitude" in each of my posts and it starts here. I also submitted a number of articles already so if you like them, do digg them for me.

Add Kirbitz in your Digg friends. username: jbinz214

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