Agloco is the way to go!

What is Agloco?

Agloco, which stands for A-GlObal-COmmunity is a well, global community (lol) that is owned 100% by the members. Its done by downloading a negligible toolbar taht displays ads from google. And for it, youll get paid maximum of 5 hours each month while using it. Its currently bringing a big bang around the internet right now and i decided to make a post about it. For all the old-aged internet users (no harm intended), remember AllAdvantage? it raised nearly $200 Million in venture capital and grew to more than 10 million members in its first 18 months of operation. Well, the same people are bringing it back to life and its now your chance to be paid along with millions of other members.

What do I earn from Agloco?

By joining Agloco, youll have two ways of getting paid. Either by check/cash or by shares in the company and you have the option of redeeming your money when you want to in the future if you wish to take the chances with Agloco. It is projected that each member will earn around $5-$15 per month depending on the revenue that Agloco makes from ads. And theres a bonus each time you refer a member to Agloco which would earn you more money per sign-up each month. So, if you refer a member now, this will be added to your earnings next month.

What do i Have to do?

Simple. Register, Download the toolbar, Use it 5 hours a month. And that's it! You have an extra bucks a Month. And for an added bonus, refer members to agloco (this is perfect for bloggers) for even More earnings each month. Imagine having each referral as $5 a month, and for a month, you refer 20 people. That would make you $100 richer each month!

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