Making money online is one hard work. Its not just your usual, typical walk in the park endeavor wherein after one day's work, gold is guaranteed. Its one thing if you pay for something to make the your life much easier. But its a completely different story if you have to start from scratch and make everything work for you.

This is the main reason that urged me to make this review. Mike and me has something in common, we both work for free blogs, no capital at all. . . Just pure sweat, dedication and effort to earn money online.

Mike Perry is an early retired, self-made man. He used to make a living out of business opportunity magazines and now, he is quite making a name for himself as a Blogger/MoneyMaker. What I like about his blog is that he writes in a very unique way that he has his "self" in each post that he makes. His blog includes comprehensive reviews about money making sites, blog monetization, SEO, marketing, and some blogging tips. I suggest you read and go over his blog to find out for yourself. I read over his blog and his first post caught me. I remember he cited "At the moment I have no idea as to what direction to follow but I hope to learn fast". This is the very same thing that i felt when i started this blog. See my first post.

The only thing i can say about mike is about the layout of his blog. A very few changes has been made from the original template. And considering his earnings, he can easily buy a domain name of his choice. But who knows, it may well be part and parcel of the idea of a Deep-thinker. what do you think? ;)

I look to Mike Perry with respect for what he has already accomplished. I sincerely do. And i look forward for a beneficial relationship with him in the future. And as of now, i consider his blog as "Kirbitz' Father blog."

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