Recently, i made a post about August Activities of Kirbitz, and if youve read about it, Smorty is not included in the list. This is primarily because my request for membership has been denied when i signed up just a week ago.

When i opened my e-mail just a moment ago, ive had the usual e-mails from programs, link exchanges and stuff like that. Much to my surprise, Smorty was there. Low and behold. . . Kirbitz got Accepted! And that means more earnings for Kirbitz.

I figured i will have a short review about Smorty just so my much valued readers will know what it's all about. So here it goes. . .

Smorty is a get paid to blog program much like Payperpost and blogsvertise but with an edge. The site design is simple yet elegant and direct to the point. Much to the liking of most readers. There's no doubt they have been rising along rankings recently. Expect them to rise in the coming weeks.

After i clicked the confirmation link, i have been taken to my "dashboard". And there awaits two, yes you heard it right, 2! opportunities waiting for me. And guess what, they pay $6 each. Now hows a $12 starting fee sound like? One was about Smorty and the other is about commerce. And yes, im getting paid for writing this post. ;) Plus, they emphasized in their front page, "Get paid to blog weekly". So, if you want to get paid for blogging, This is certainly a big step towards your dream earnings.

Thus my post title, "Are you Greedy? get Smorty!"

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