As your hardworking servant (yes, i consider you guys as my masters.), I search far and wide across mountains, oceans and continents to bring to you, my beloved readers, Money-Making opportunities.

And its my utmost pleasure to bring to you guys yet another Money-Maker!

This one is brought to you by Pedro Sardinha of He is paying anyone who is promoting his e-book. It is entitled The "Ultimate Guide to Your Easylist". I downloaded it myself and as a matter of opinion, i think its an intersting read.

Pedro wants to spread the word of his e-book and in this light, he's paying anyone who promotes it $2 paid via paypal! Ive got a blogger friend, melody who just got paid by him. Thanks for the info melanie! ;)

What do you have to do?
It's again, my pleasure to break it down for you. . .

  • Go to his post here.
  • Simply view his e-book here.
  • Post something about it on your blog and include the 3 links. His site, his post and his e-book.
  • Leave a comment on PedroSardinha's Post including your paypal id. He will edit your paypal ID as soon as he's done paying you so that only he can see your paypal adress.
  • Youre $2 richer as i promised!
No traffic restrictions, no hassles, no complicated requirements. . . just legitimately $2 richer we go! And if you do promote this, please dont forget to give me a linkback love, just to show your appreciation to Kirbitz for this info just like what i did to Melanie.

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  1. lady influence  

    August 8, 2007 at 7:45 AM

    kirbitz, there is no paypal in the Philippines. how will you get your money?

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