Ok, Its 12:06am. . Its our midterm week, Im exhausted for qutie a number of things-- I did a case presentation at school (which didnt go too well), i worked my butt off studying major subjects for a 6 hour marathon. whew! and im off for a break. And yes, i do blogging whenever i take breaks. :)

I was browsing through betshopboy's domain and noticed he did a review about Enkay's Blog. And after i saw the captions "Enkay's MP3/Video Player Giveaway", my mind was all centered on one thing, " I GOTA HAVE THAT MP3 PLAYER! ".
  • Its a 1GB Beauty (wow! enough to accompany me for study marathons)
  • w/ MiniSD slot Integrated Speaker on the back ( That means multi-media enjoyment. . yes!)
  • w/ rock chip technology ( Ok, im not a tech geek. I dont know what this means. But it sounds good. hehe)
  • And 2.0″ TFT Screen & an Aluminum Cased Back (now, this is what i like about this player. Its unique, its functional, it goes well with me. haha!)
Enough about the player, now lets turn our attention to the author. Enkay started blogging last may 'o7 he is a student like me. And a relatively new blogger just like me. But i can tell he is well experienced and seasoned than me. He's content is well written. And some of the posts of him that i think are interesting reads are. Dont get stuck on traffic and Cleaning up your blog.

And did i tell you he's also 19 just like me?!? An '88 born, dragon-spirited, young and wild! Well enkay, i hope this serves as an invitation for future endeavors together. .

Keep it up!


  1. Nabil  

    August 6, 2007 at 12:12 PM

    Thanks for the excellent review! You are now entered!

  2. MarriedMelody  

    August 7, 2007 at 3:23 AM

    Hi Kirbitz,
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, I am interested in your offer. Write a review about my blog and I will link back to you. You have some good potential for being a successful blogger.
    Greetings, Melody.

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