There are things in life that are better off changed for the greater good. Its not very likely, but i have to say one of these is your blog template.

As you might have noticed, i changed my blog template. At first look, it doesnt seem like its a blogger blog at all. They say, Content is King and yes, i couldnt agree more. But one thing they miss out is the way the template should present itself. To get your readers to stay, they need a break from the usual minima and rounders that seem to infect most of the blogs.

get me wrong. . . Content is the first one to be noticed like
Mike Perry's blog; its so generic, the only thing he changed was the font! but look at him now, he earns more weekly than what my dad earns in two. Will this change affect my blog? Only time and earnings will tell. So, i should say. . .

If content is king, layout is queen!

I wanna give a shoutout to Lady for the tip. Hey! you still have to teach me a bit more about the html codings. haha!

If you guys want to get your blog a make-over, do visit Cool-templates and FinalSense. you might just get what suites your taste.


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