I have always been fascinated with the game of pool and with this very recently concluded World Pool Championship 2007, my admiration to the game has got the best of me.

I was on the birthday of my girlfriend's friend the other night and I saw this english man in the name of Daryl Peach, not a very well known name in the pool league but hey, its gonna change from now on. Im sure about that after he defeated my fellow countryman, Roberto Gomez.

He defeated Roberto Gomez, a filipino (the games were held in the Philippines) at the araneta coliseum just a few hours ago. Man, i have to tell you guys, the game was nail-biting! It was full of excitement and drama. If you have the time to view it on youtube (no vids available yet), i recommend you see it. Its one of the most hardly contested battles i have ever seen in 9ball pool.

To Daryl, Thanks for the best game! and for roberto; man, you tried your best, you dont have to prove anything anymore, just practice more and more.


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