I have been able to visit the beautiful country of the United Kingdom some few years back and among all the other things that fascinated me is their culture, more specifically, their teenage culture. They would always tend to be more deviant than the way we behave here in asia in general. In addition, they would always strive for independence and it seems that along with the short terms goals they have is the privilege of independence, always getting things done their own way.

Along with this characteristics is the adolescent teenager's problem in housing. When I was their, my teenage relatives were looking eagerly for flats to rent in Liverpool. They would also try to find brochures about flats to rent in London, their second choice and debby, the eldest among my relatives their finally settled in one of the houses to rent in Bristol that she found over the internet. Let me tell you, even the choice of where to live for college would seem to be very impossible to be left for my aunt to decide for. Luckily, my aunt was patient and supportive enough to them that she gave them the independence that they really wanted. Sure she was a bit lonely with all of them leaving her but hey, its how life works in the united kingdom.


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