The power of mobile marketing

I was strolling at the mall last week looking for a new phone that would really help me with my busy schedule. I was totally confused on what phone to buy and I ended up not buying at all! Why? because I was really confused on which phone to buy. When I got home, I gave it a thought and realized that I don't really need to worry myself as to what particular phone to buy. The important thing is the SERVICE IT PROVIDES. As long as I can send text messages to my friends and colleagues at an instant, or surf the web for a quick browse with my e-mails, or even advertise my small business, through mobile marketing, in a very convenient and cost-effective manner, then I don't really need anything more. And I thought... I already have such services provided by Cellit Mobile Marketing. So I'm Going back to the mall tomorrow to buy any phone as long as it supports everything that Cellit's reliable services offer me.

I have been with Cellit Mobile Marketing for a couple of months now and I tell you, its really worth it! Whenever I can't seem to decide on which restaurants to pick from, Cellit Mobile Marketing provides me with the best options with their CouponZap system. Also with that CouponZap, the small business I mentioned earlier? Well ever since I had been with Cellit Mobile Marketing... let's just say... that my previously small business IS NOT THAT SMALL NOW. I have asked some of my consumers of how they heard about my products and a number of them got a text message advertising my said products. And just recently, my friend bought a new house at Riverdale's using their House4cell system.

So for you guys out there like me whose still confused about which phone to buy, just remember..."it's not the phone that's important but the service it provides" and how it would add convenience and carefree lifestyle!


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