As this blog age, im trying to capture more audience by integrating more content on this blog as my time permits me. One of this is Teen Internet Tricks. In here, I share my knowledge and my experience on the internet on things that might interest not only the teen audience but also the not-so-teen ones.

So for the first one, im going to teach you how to download mp3s from radio blog club for free! Yes, there's such a way! And its not even a hack, its just a trick! (I dont promote hacks)

I can imagine you guys are excited. lol Before I show you, im going to introduce you to radioblogclub. Its generally a site that offers free stream of music. Anything from RnB to HipHops and OPM's, its all there. You can even build your own playlist and listen to it everyday for free. Sort of like an online Winamp if you may. Well, this trick is going to teach you how to download these songs so that you wont be needing the internet to listen to your fave music.

Okay, so heres how it works.

  1. Use IE (Internet Explorer) for faster download. Havent tried this one with mozilla but ill update this post if I can figure it out. Go to radioblogclub.
  2. Search your favorite track or song by inputting the name of song on the search box.
  3. Wait for the track to completely load. And by this one, i mean the lighter gray color when you play a song. Like the ones that youtube have and allow you to continuously play it without cutting.
  4. Open My Computer --> Control Panel ---> Internet Options
  5. Then a window pops up. Under "browsing history" click settings, then view files.
  6. The final window pops up and shows you a list of "temporary internet files".
  7. On that window and under the "type" header, find the RBS file. It is the track that you have been playing on radioblogclub.
  8. Drag and drop it to your desktop.
  9. The most important step: Rename the file and put ".mp3" on the end. (Ex. The River.mp3)
  10. Youre done! Play in on windows media or winamp or any platform you are using.

Thats it guys! Hope this post helped you. If you have any questions, you can comment or contact me. If you wish to thank me, Subscribing to my blog will really make me happy. See on on the next Teen Tricks!


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