I Just Got Blogged! Whew!

Every morning, I start my day right by checking my money making programs and how much I made overnight. My modest but fruitful earnings would usually be enough to make my day but not today.

My Blog Got Featured On Mindanao Bloggers!

Its something new for me because with the last four months of blogging, I focused more on money making strategies and forgot all about the essence of blogging. Sure, im doing fairly well in making money online but blogging doesnt stop there at all, im now off and try to make more blogging friends. Afterall, friendship is more precious than money. (naks!)

Again, I am sincerely honored to be featured on mindanao bloggers. Special thanks to blogie and the rest of my amigos and amigas (not referring to ants of course. lol) in mindanao bloggers!

Uswag Mindanao!


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