Another Contest, Win An iPod Nano

If you are a usual visitor of this blog, you might have noticed that with all the numerous contests there is in the blogosphere, I usually participate if I personally have the favor for the blogger im writing for. Well, lads, this is one of those times.

Money Blogger is giving away an Ipod Nano!

The last time I joined a contest was about two months ago and that was also from a money making blogger. Money blogger or Dom as i would want to call him has been in the internet for quite sometime now. I have been to one of his 4o sites (yes, thats how big time this guy is, 40 sites!) and it is kill bill themed but instead, he had it as "Kill Dom" and its a bit amusing for me.

Here lads, is one very good example of someone who persisted and made it to the pinnacle of success. A testament of true persistence and an epitome of someone worth looking up to.

Dom, More power to you and your blogs!


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