Grand Launching Of JukeBox Plus

Ive been frequenting alot of blogs lately and they are mostly about money and affiliate category but I just found out that one blog is different from the rest. . .

SilkenHut's Blog!

Yes lads, this blog has been a "revisit" for me since I was a frequent visitor to this blog since I started 6 months ago but it came to a hibernation because of time constraints (yeah yeah, I know, I know, Greed too!) lol

Before this post turns into a confession note, im going to promote and join a contest at the same time. This contest is courtesy of one of my blogger buddies, Allen, who is into blogging about pinoy blogging experiences. Just recently, he launched a website catering to free lyrics and streaming so you might want to visit his website for your sound trip needs. Perhaps, this is another Greedy guy? hmmm. . . You have to answer my visitors for this one Allen! lol

You can also join this contest if you want to. Whats up for grabs? Well, its a Php 2,000 Nokia Gift Cheque! Now, isnt that tempting enough?

He also asked if what would I do If ever I would win this gift cheque. Im gonna use it of course! lol Im planning to use it to purchase an accessory for phone to bling it a little bit. How would you use this GC if you win the contest? Blog about this one and win!


  1. Silkenhut  

    February 15, 2008 at 4:22 PM

    Hi Kirby, thanks for the contest entry.


    What do you mean another greedy guy? haha :P

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