Some students opt not to study in college but even fewer ones don't ever touch the course of real estate engagements. This is the topic for today's post; Real estate education.

Of course all of you are familiar with the blockbuster series known as "The Apprentice" and perhaps some of you might have seen the complete series. The show revolves around Donald Trump and his business empire that is currently taking United States by storm. He is one example of a person who has been a real estate mogul and by that, I mean lots and lots of money. How did Donald Trump start in real estate business?

He claims he learned everything from his dad way back from his childhood days. He's been through ups and downs of the industry and it certainly shows. He was born rich. This is a fact that is accepted by everyone but only a few know about his secret on how to get rich. How? He says its never too early to start earning money. He himself said he's been earning alot as a teenager!

It would have been a dream come true to most teenagers to win the apprentice but we have to accept the fact that it just doesnt happen. But I do have another solution. I have come across this site named Nouveau Riche. It caters to college students who want to specialize in real estate money making. How cool is that? Nouveau Riche sounds so foreign but it caters to teens and young adults from the US.

Nouveau Riche might well be one of the key to our success if were planning on making money from real estate. Go ahead and take a look at the site.


  1. billy  

    August 13, 2008 at 6:55 PM

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  2. DJ WILLY  

    November 3, 2008 at 7:27 PM

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