Teens are vital parts of society. They are the ones to carry on all of the aspects of nation's future state and finance is not at all an exception. In Philippine history, teens and young adults were very influential in taking down the Marcos regime some three decades ago and the people who lead those crusades are now the nation's leaders. In a similar analogy, what can teens of today do for the future of online money making?

Teen statistics show that less than 25% of teens in United states earn enough money to buy what they want without the intervention of their parents. This number is quite low compared to the teen statistics on teen pregnancy (more than a million teens get pregnant each year in United States alone).

How can Teens Make As Much Having Summer Jobs?
Teens can make money in more ways than I could count on my fingers in toes. Here's some outlines to give you an idea how teens make money online.

Start Early
There is no such thing as too early for money making whether its online or offline. Summer is in the corner, and what better way to make money than having a summer job as a teen? There are alot of ways to make money from carwash if youre into cars, daycare assistant if youre into teaching or into kids, kitchenhelp if youre into cooking. The possibilities of landing teen summer job of choice is yours to choose!

Do Something You're Passionate About
If you want to make money as a teen, do something you really love and you would like to pursue in the future. I personally blog because I like Information Technology and the internet and im planning to earn even more from online. I have a friend who's into a golf-caddy just because he wants to know techniques of good golf players. You see, its yours to fulfill.

Take The Most Out of Your Summer Job
A wise teen money maker always analyzes the Pros and Cons of having a summer job or any venture in that particular regard. If youre planning to take medicine as your profession, make sure you get a summer job in a local clinic whether taking front desks or assisting nurses (previous tip). After the end of the day, make sure you note what are common problems of patients and how they are managed by the doctor. Look at what medications were given and look it up in the internet what they are for. If you do this everyday, at the end of the summer, you get a free hands-on experience what is it like to be working as a doctor plus you gained priceless info.

Multiple Streams of Income
If you ask any successful businessman, they would say that money doesnt come from only one way. They have something going from all directions. Imagine Mcdonald's. The original one came from one small city in US. If you think the owner did not expand his business to other cities do you think there would be Mcdonalds as we know it today? Going back to teen money making, what I advise you is to have a balanced working hours from at least two summer jobs. Get a job as a carwash help and a job at the local post office and at the same time, earn money from blogging. How's that for a perfect summer money making?

That wraps it up. If you want to know some more tips or just want to ask me anyting, dont hesitate to post a comment below. I cant wait to give you tips on blogging. Remember: Only the first dollar is the hardest. ;)


  1. Boinked Pika  

    July 13, 2008 at 8:23 AM

    starting early is the key!

  2. kirbitz  

    July 15, 2008 at 4:31 AM

    It sure is pika! ;)

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