It has Just been over a week ago since i posted my first post. I remember saying "i dont know where im heading". I also posted about how to increase blog traffic part 1 (part 2 is upcoming. . .) Now this is the result of that part 1.
A week ago, i was averaging a maximum of 6-10 visitors per day. After unrelenting hours of reading, learning, asking questions, submitting to blog directories, making friends with bloggers, here's what's the result of all these.

According to Sitemeter, i am averaging 20 visits and 25 page views a day. And for the past few days since i installed sitemeter, my blog has been endowed with 131 visits with 2:30 seconds per visit on the average. Turning out attention to the world map, surprisingly enough, ive been having alot of visitors from the USA aside from my hometown of the Philippines. Once in a while, i get visitors from usual internet users as Canada, UK, Russia and even more surprising is that, ive got quite a few from far flung areas as ROmania, Kenya and Jamaica. Well, thats a good thing for me. That would only mean that i have to use English in everything i do in here to cater to everyone. As i used to tell you guys on my Weekly FreeBie Post, "In kiRbitz, every reader is important".

Some updates, just a while ago, i added my site to yet another blog directories its called thevital. I promptly received my confirmation email telling me that my blog has been accepted already. Add your website/blog is you havent submitted to them yet.

Here are some of the things i plan to do in the coming days:

  • Find more ad providers to target to my readers. (ive been doing well with affiliatebot. Try using them too. Its very easy to use as i highly recommend them.
  • Continue to have more Blogging friends and continue to have more exchange links. If you want to have a link exchange with me, you are most welcome. Just comment on thios post if you want one.
  • Write an article at assocoiatedcontent or ezineArticles and hopefully my article will be accepted. Do watch out for that one. ;)
  • Continue to exchange Technorati Faves, Diggs and Stumble. If you want to exchange, again, please feel free comment on this post and expect a reply comment on your blog from me. ;)
  • Have a Contest. Yes, Im planning to have a contest. But its still under brain-storming. Im still in the process of molding it but do watch out for this one.

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