Its been exactly one month and 3 days since i started blogging for money online. I can vividly remember my very first post. I mentioned "i dont know where im heading. . . but time will tell". Comparing the way i post a month ago and the way i do now, alot of bloggers tell me, ive grown. Thanks for the flattery guys!

Personally, i really think this is because of my exposure to alot of things on the internet and blogging in particular. I saw different styles of writing, different presentation of ideas, and i couldnt help myself but get influenced.

My money making mission is on its way.

Ive put up ads, signed up for numerous money makers (you can see them on my sidebar), posted sponsored posts and alot more! I told myself that credibility will be a virtue on my blog and because of this, you wont see any untested, unconfirmed and unreliable money-making ways posted here unless i experienced it first hand. So, do visit me often if you want to know tested ways to earn money online. I suggest you subscribe via e-mail so it would be alot easier for you.

My new Plan of Action for this month.

I have too much things to think about for this month but ill start to carry out the more feasible ones first.
  • Complete 100 backlinks requirement - My goal for this month is to complete the 100 backlinks requirement of Google to be ranked. So, if you think Kirbitz is worth linking to, just contact me at your earliest convenience and help me attain this goal.
  • Make more guest posts - Some of you might be from the blog of Carlo of Carlocab. I made a guest post there and so far, this has been beneficial to my blog. So for my second month, im planning to make more guest posts to my fellow bloggers if y time permits. So if you want me to be a guest poster to your blog, again, Contact me at your earliest convenience. Id love to hear from you.
  • Change Layout - Now this i think is more complicated than the two preceding ones. I need to analyze what my readers really like and what they prefer more. This has to be double function, it has to be pleasing to the eye, yet be beneficial ads-wise. So, watch out what happens.
  • More traffic - Traffic is something that i havent had enough of in my first month. At first, its a little dissapointing but i learned its normal for every blog. Afterall, i havent engaged in any monetary interventions to increase my traffic nor do i intend to in the future. This blog will continue to exist until both my readers and me will have benefits from each other.
  • Find more money making ways - This is so obvious that i had second thoughts of including this one at all. But just for the record, i have been doing this and will continue doing so in the coming months.

That's it! I plan to have this implemented this month. Actually i have many more to mention but as I said, i focused more on the short-term ones. So, if you want to support kirbitz, Just visiting often is already a big help. And to those who have been loyally with kirbitz, My sincerest gratitude to you. See you again on the 19th next month! Just remember, if you want to make money online, dont forget to FEED YOUR GREED!

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