Just a few months back, i never really thought that i could make money online because of one undeniable fact : I am a teenager. I thought my computer was only made to be used for online and offline games, some research if my mood lets me to, some chatting and myspace/friendster and thats it. Until i found out ways to make money online as a teen. Lucky for you, im here to lay it it all down for you and save you the hassle i went through.

There are alot of legitimate ways how teens can earn from the internet and i am going to break it down for you. Some of this were already discussed in my previous posts so im omitting great programs like Clixsense.

I have alot of ways to share to you but i would like to capitalize on the most essential ones first.

Earn Money By Participating in Surveys
This is one of the first ones i encountered when i searched for ways to earn money on the internet just a few months back. There are alot of good survey programs out there but i recommend SurveySavvy. You get paid depending on the time and effort you spend in answering the survey they would send you through email. It ranges from $5 to even $100 just in one survey. Its not something to make you quit your part time job but its a great income-earner for teens.

Make Money By Reading E-mails
This program is a sure-earner for teens. You get paid by viewing ads for 30 seconds each advertisement and thats it, you gradually increase your money until you reach the minimum payout limit which is very low. And to boost up your earnings, you need to upgrade your account so that you can view more ads thus earning more money. Sign up for this program here.

Sell Stuff on eBay
Do you have old books you dont need anymore? Or a used up toy that is stuck at the garage for sometime. Sell them on eBay! This is a program that i cant really say much about since I dont qualify here for some geographical reasons ( I live in the Philippines) but i have read numerous succes stories of fellow teens who have made enough money to pay for an outing each school break or finance the car pimping for that matter. Visit eBay here.

Join MyLot
Mylot is the money-making version of myspace. Each comment or posting that you make is worth 2 cents. This is very low but through time, you will forget you are even earning on the side. What's great about it is that there are infinite number of topics that you can participate in, voice out your opinions and make more money. The minimum payout is $50 which is achievable in a little more than one month. Pretty neat huh? Sign up for MyLot now.

Monetize Your MySpace or Friendster
These programs are money makers and youre just ignoring them. Well, i will make another post for this one but i will just give you a tip on how you can monetize this one. Join an affiliate program like ClickBooth and install banners and clickable ads to your pages and if your friends join the afilliate program or make purchases or click through ads, you earn commissions enough to stop asking money from parents for the night out or something. Stop wasting time and earn money now! Click here.

Did i miss anything? If I did, im going to edit this post once again. Stay tuned for more tips on how teens make money online.


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