Its almost christmas eve and I havent yet to have my Christmas shopping yet. School has been really harsh this week and I can barely keep up with the killer deadlines, more daunting tasks and even murderous clinical instructors. Anyways, heres the issue that we have to tackle for the today,

can you really have free christmas presents from this free samples?

Im really sure that if you are surfing the internet on a regular basis, you have been in one way or another, encountered coupon codes or grocery coupons. These are offers that seem to come out of nowhere and really bug anyone who comes across them. I have been searching the web to find out their authenticity and I found out that around ninety eight percent of these offers are nothing more than paid pop-up ads and some even contains adwares or even trojans! Yes, I have read some forums where alot of people are complaining about this one. I for one is an active hater of pop-ups and thats why I always refresh internet temporary files and changed my browser to mozilla. On the other side of the coin, there are, however people that really benefited alot from these free offers. Maybe its because they are the legit ones.


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