Its time again for another personal money management tip for everyone and the focus for today's post will be on making the most out of your money you earned from your internet money making or even from your offline gigs for that matter.

Do you remember instances in your life wherein no matter how much money you have, it never seemed to be enough? We'll ive been in this scene numerous times in the past and I can tell you, even if im still in my prime teen age, im no stranger to this phenomena. Take for instance, my weekly allowance is Php 700 and everything is included; gasoline for my car, my everyday lunch, minor school expenses (e.g. photocopies, handouts) and well, you have to take into consideration, my dates. All this in just Php 700 in one week. Impossible? Well, I used to think about it that way but not for long.

For this one, im going back to the basic-est (my invented word for the of things. Now, there are two ways to deal with this one: increase your income or cut costs. The first solution will not work for everyone considering time and effort constraints but the second, cutting costs, is a whole new different story! Everyone can do it, you just have to use practicality, rationality and even creativity. Going back to my experience, I managed my problem by going for both. I increased my income by making more paid posts and private transactions and at the same time, I cut my costs by making a daily expense allowance. I gave more priorities to those that I really need like setting aside for gas and my lunch money. I also lowered down extra expenses; i do not frequent malls anymore because in this case, I save money on gas and there is less temptation to buy something. Another action that I took was to have dinner dates on either my house or my girlfriend's house because this way, we both save money and in connection, her parents are really impressed because they see my intentions are clear for their daughter. You see, ladies and gentlemen, you can really hit two birds with one stone (just make sure its a boulder youre

Kidding aside, this really worked for me for the past month and im going to explore more ways to manage my personal finance in the coming months and ill be sure to let you guys know more about it.

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