So, ive been trying to the best of my knowledge and abilities to increase my traffic, pagerank and blogging network. I previously wrote about my Part 1 of improving traffic into a blog, and made updates in increasing it. And who could ever forget my down-time? If your a Frequent reader of kirbitz, you know what i mean.

But i kept my head up, moved on, and hey, Broke the 500k mark on Technorati!

When i checked over my Technorati profile just a while ago, i was delighted to see that my ranking is 465,230 of all the blogs on technorati. Not bad for a 2 week old blog. Dont you think so? I dont mean to sound imposing but hey, its one of those times that you just have to pat your back and say "Great job, Kirby!". And honestly, im not stopping here. My short term goal is to increase about a couple of thousand ranks per week and a target of 100k-350k of ranking ao month. If all goes well, i would be on the peak on the end of my 3rd or 4th month. Quite ambitious i should say. But hey, to dream is free. And achieving it? Its priceless! But i do know this is easier said than done.
What did I do to increase rankings from a couple of millions to 460k? You might ask.

Here are the things I did for the past two weeks:

  • Socialize. I blog-hopped and searched and if i find something of my liking, i never get shy to leave some love and drop some line in the comment box for the author. Just be sincere in every note that you leave. Authors will know if youre just saying "nice blog" jsut for the sake of it. Again, be sincere. ;)
  • Dont be shy with faving. Whenever i saw a useful or comprehensive or unique or a mix of these qualities, i hit the fave button. Later on, when the blogger recognizes this, they might as well add you as their favorites. And that's just a bonus of being a generous in favoriting blogs.
  • Content is the name of the Game. Ive had 2 blogs before kirbitz. The first one, died a natural death because of lack of readership and because i didnt know what to write about. I didnt have any ideas about it. The second blog Agloco-Pilipinas is still alive but I have inadequate sources about it, and the topic is so limited to quite a few.
  • Make each reader a VIP. I constantly make it to a point that each reader is satisfied with each visit to Kirbitz. I added the FreeBie of the Week feature just this week. Up for grabs is Harry Potter Book 7 e-book.

I hope this gave you some pointers about making yourself visible in technorati world. Just remember, your Attitude counts the heaviest. ;)

Best of Luck!

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  1. Jehzeel Laurente  

    August 4, 2007 at 8:40 AM

    hehehehe.. ayusSS!!!!! ako kaka top 10k ko lang kanina! hehehe.. ^__^ taga cagayan diay ka bay? hehehe ^__^ nice nice ^_^

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