Just three weeks ago, i posted that i think widgetbucks is a scam and this single post attracted alot of people including the CEO of the company. No kidding! You can check it out on the comment on that post. Anyways, just a few days after that, I said im finally convinced to try widgetbucks inspite of the hesitance. Well, this is the time to give out my verdict.

I Just Had To Say Goodbye To Widgetbucks

This is a decision that i am very firm about and not even the CEO of the company would ever convince me to try it ever again. (Im willing to be challenged. ^_^) Now i have three main reasons why i do was firmly 'obligated' to stop using the program.

They just dont make money.
For every 10,000 page views i only get like 2-3 clicks and that means like its too low to make a decent payout after a hard month blogging. This is a fact that even other bloggers like Jack is convinced of. (He stopped using it before me)

Visitors are Intimidated with the Layout.
I have received comments about the ads as "intimidating" which scares off visitors from clicking them which is what i fear for when i use program. Other bloggers say its very clickable since it is a new layout and does not look like one. Well, i say it doesnt work that way, TRUST ME.

The Main Reason : Widgetbucks is banned by Google!
This is an info i got from my blog-hopping. Google found out that it is a "link ad" to put it simply which is against their terms of service. Not convinced yet? Try this out, if youre using widgetbucks or know any blog using it, close the window then turn off the javascript of your browser then look back again. You'll see that only links are left. Try it out! This one is not even reflected on the official blog of widgetbucks even if it stirs up controversies everywhere.

It has been nice seeing a new ad on my blogs but i guess i have to say goodbye to widgetbucks Permanently. Fellow bloggers, what do you say?


  1. max  

    November 12, 2007 at 2:42 PM

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  2. max  

    November 12, 2007 at 2:52 PM

    Check out my blog about WidgetBucks


    thanks, and best of luck to ya bud

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